Collarbone cut: how to make it and 10 vip looks

Collarbone cut: come realizzare il nuovo taglio di Julia Roberts

Since Julia Roberts started sporting her new haircut a few months ago, a real rush for imitation has spread among the stars and beyond. The 51-year-old actress said goodbye to her long layered hair in favor of a very distinctive medium cut. Everyone went crazy for his collarbone cut, not surprisingly renamed “haircut to Julia Roberts”. In fact, even on social media there are many girls who have posted their looks and their variations of the hairstyle, referring to her.

Collarbone cut: what is it?

Serge Normant is the one who made Julia Roberts’ haircut, a medium cut which reaches the height of the collarbones (in English “collarbone” means collarbone). In the actress’s case, the hairstylist cut the tips clean and gave the front a bit of asymmetry. The front part, in fact, is longer than the back one. All in a “naturally messy” style, a messy texture, as they say among the hair gurus. In this way, not only the natural reflections of Roberts’ hair are highlighted but also their waviness.

Another celebrity hair stylist fan of this hairstyle is Renato Campora, who made it on Mila Kunis, Jessica Chastain and Gal Gadot. Victoria Bechkam, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Margot Robbie, Natalie Portman and Elisabetta Canalis also sported the collarbone cut.

Collarbone cut: how to make it

The collarbone cut is perfect for those who want a trendy, effective cut, practical to wear, which enhances their natural hair and does not require special care.

It fits both round faces and squarer features: what makes the difference is the type of scaling, to be adapted according to your characteristics to give a focus on some points and perhaps not to stand out too much others. Color also makes a difference, because they can be combined with the movement of the play of light, so as to enhance the nuances of the hair.

It is also a medium cut suitable for women of any age, both the youngest (in a more jaunty asymmetrical declination) and mature ones, to whom long hair is usually not recommended because it could excessively weigh down the figure.

The basic version of the collarbone cut provides scaling concentrate mainly on the back of the head and the lower end of the hair, right between the chin and collarbones. In the case of a particularly angular face and with marked lines, however, it is recommended to soften the cut making it fuller. Specifically, it is better to limit the scaling.

Collarbone cut with curly hair

Even if not all cuts are suitable for all types of hair, the collarbone cut is an example that makes everyone agree, both straight and curly hair. Also curly girls, in fact, they can easily opt for this very versatile haircut, which indeed gives their hair greater three-dimensionality. Enhances the natural waviness of the hair and also its shades of color.

The wavy or curly fold gives greater volume, an effect that can be further amplified by using specific products combined with the diffuser to dry the hair.

The variants of the collarbone cut

You can play a lot with the collarbone cut, giving your own personal touch, perhaps adding a fringe or choosing to give more volume to the hairline, or opting for even and non-scaled hair, perhaps moving the part to the side instead of keeping it in the center.

Obviously, to embellish everything you can add different details, for example a maxi headband (very popular at the moment), which gives the look a touch of royalty, a very romantic bon ton effect. Yes, even with braids and low crops (very fashionable lately), maybe a small bun halfway up the head with the rest of the hair down.

Browse the gallery to see the stars who have chosen this cut.

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