Co-washing: what it is, the benefits and the best products

Co-washing: cos'è e perché chi ha i capelli ricci dovrebbe provarlo

Products for wash the hair are they really good, or do they risk ruining your hair? There are several theories about it, but hair stylists agree in considering the common ones shampoo on the market too aggressive, preferring instead natural products, balms and masks without chemicals. An alternative to trendy shampoo in recent years is the co-washing, especially ideal for curly hair. Let’s take a closer look at what it is, how it works and some of the best co-washing products on the market.

Co-washing for hair: what is it?

The term co-washing is short for “conditioner washing“, Which means“ washing with balm“, Because it consists in washing the hair without using a shampoo, but only a conditioner. These are not the balms we know and usually use, but aemulsion created to wash and nourish the hair more delicate. This method was especially designed to wash curly hair, and is part of the new trend to prefer “low-poo” products: with this expression the Anglo-Saxons refer to articles that do not contain chemicals.

Co-washing therefore avoids the use of products that contain above all sulfates, responsible for producing a lot of foam and dry is make brittle hair. Used in co-washing they are the best known low-shampoo, products free of silicones, sulphates and petroleum derivatives. This conditioner instead contains blends of natural elements such as vinegar, bicarbonate, sugar, coconut oil, and others for a system that is certainly greener, and protects not only the environment, but also our hair.

Rules and tips for co-washing

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Co-washing is very suitable for i dry hair, but also for the hair fat, because it does not use aggressive products, preserving the natural oils and the sebum of the skin, which make the hair soft and smooth. Get good result co-washing is simple, just follow some advice on how to do it.

Before starting this habit, it is good to wash the hair for the last time with a normal shampoo, in order to eliminate the residues of silicones and more. Throw away then brushes and combs used, and take a new one with wide teeth, which does not break the hair. At this point you can start by purchasing the product best, among those that we will see later, and learn how to wash them with the conditioner in 5 steps:

  1. to wash the skin with the right conditioner for co-washing, massaging the roots well to eliminate the residues of hair styling products;
  2. rinse carefully, continuing to massage the skin;
  3. apply a new one dose of product, a little more abundant than usual, combined with a teaspoon of Brown sugar, if it doesn’t already contain it. This ingredient is important because it offers a light scrub, aiding in cleansing. Apply starting from the roots and reaching the tips, and start untangle gently hair with your fingers;
  4. leave in pose 3 to 5 minutes;
  5. rinse abundantly and gently with cold or lukewarm water, to limit frizz.

A further help against frizzy curly hair is to dry it with a microfiber towel or a cotton cloth, and then with the hairdryer diffuser. If you are used to using styling items such as waxes or gels, you can put them on still wet hair and prefer organic and natural products as much as possible.

Co-washing: the benefits

Why and when to choose co-washing? This washing method involves several benefits for health and the Welfare hair, especially curly and dry hair. In fact, the main advantage is precisely to make the hair softer and softer, and more tame. This is because, by eliminating aggressive shampoos, the hair retains its natural oils with which it makes the smooth and nourished hair.

Another important benefit is that the co-washing products act like highly commodities detangling, often even without the use of a comb. It is a method comfortable even for traveling, because it uses only one product, instead of a set of shampoo, conditioner, mask. Also this wash is suitable for all hair because it is the balm penetrates deeper into the hair, even in curly ones, which are usually more difficult to reach.

With the use of more delicate and nourishing products, the rule on how often to wash your hair changes even slightly, since it is certainly less risky to wash it a few more times, without however exaggerating. To reach thebetter effect it is necessary to wait 5-6 weeks from the first application, therefore you should not be discouraged if you do not immediately see the desired result.

Co-washing: contraindications

There are no details contraindications to co-washing, since it uses delicate and natural products. However, to get the right result it is important to know your hair type, and to buy products that contain hair ingredients most suitable. For those suffering from Hair loss or dandruff, co-washing may not be enough, and it is recommended to alternate washing with more specific products for these problems.

Furthermore, whoever has the fat hair must be careful not to choose products suitable for dry hair, as you risk obtaining the opposite effect. In any case, there is the right conditioner for all hair, but it may be necessary to do several tests before obtaining the desired result. Also because, as we have said, it is a method that takes a long time to act, and requires a little patience. Stylists recommend alternate co-washing with other natural and eco-sustainable methods.

Ideal products for co-washing

Now that we’ve seen the benefits of co-washing, we can see what to use. There are, among the products on the market, perfect, delicate and sulfate-free balms. Let’s see the best 6 items for co-washing available online.

1. So ‘Bio Etic Balm 3 in 1

co-washing so 'bio eticSource: Web

The So ‘Bio Etic 3 in 1 conditioner it is a great product for co-washing. Contains a blend of almond milk and rice protein and is suitable for all hair types as it provides softness, elasticity and brightness as well as making it detangled and hydrated. Its biodegradable formulation does not contain silicones and parabens and is of natural origin, for an absolutely “low-poo” wash.
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2. L’Oreal Paris Botanical Detangling Conditioner

co-washing loreal paris botanicals balmSource: Web

The line L’Oreal Paris Botanicals like the detangling conditioner to lavender it is optimal for delicate and dry hair. The product is sulfate-free, silicone-free, paraben-free and dyes-free, for an absolutely natural and green formula. Contains a blend of camelina oil, soybean and coconut oil expertly combined to ensure a smoothing and nourishing effect on the hair.
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3. Collistar Co-Wash Conditioner

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Collistar’s Purifying Micellar Cleansing Balm is designed specifically for co-washing. A washing emulsion formulated with micellar technology, which using extra-delicate surfactants, cleanses and detangles with the utmost delicacy and respects the physiological hydrolipidic balance of skin and hair. Its texture does not create foam and leaves the hair soft, clean and silky.
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4. Hairworthy Hairrepair Conditioner

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Hairworthy Hairrepair Conditioner is a repair conditioner based on coconut oil, rosemary, jojoba and argan. Coconut oil is one of the most effective natural ingredients for cleansing and hydrating hair, without the use of chemicals. Contains a blend of organic oils, is vegan and free of parabens and SLS (Sulphates) as well as being gluten-free.
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5. Magiforet Organic shampoo and conditioner

co-washing magiforet organic shampooSource: Web

The shampoo and conditioner set with argan oil from Magiforet they contain a formula of natural elements and have no sulfates. The main ingredient is argan oil, combined with avocado and jojoba oil. Detangling and nourishing, these products repair damaged hair, and also protect from the sun’s rays.
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6. Kérastase Conditioner Discipline Curl

co-washing kerastaseSource: Web

Kérastase is a brand known for quality products, but also a little more expensive. The shampoo conditioner it is suitable for co-washing on curly or wavy hair, thanks to its detangling action, which removes frizz and makes the hair tame. A very delicate product, it contains the low-poo technology.
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