City sun protection: which products to choose between creams and make-up


Protecting your face from the sun is the first step for long-lasting youthful skin. That’s why sunscreen should start in the city. With the new lightweight formulas that shield against rays and pollution

Some skin experts swear that sunscreen is the real first wrinkle for excellence. Exaggerated? No, if we consider that among the causes ofskin aging there is – unfortunately – the sun. But be careful, not the one taken fleetingly by chance, but the accumulation of UV rays “forfeited” from the skin for hours and, above all, for years. Even in the city.

The reason? The sun shines all year round UVA rays, that is, those that reach deep into the dermis, hitting collagen and elastin (the fibers responsible for epidermal compactness). For this reason, it is said that UVA rays are “aging”, even if they do not burn.

Does the city sun hurt?

And in summer What’s up? The sun beats down more, of course, because UVB rays increase, ie those that cause erythema and burns, called “stinging”. In part, they also contribute to photoaging skin (aging due to photoexposure). To this are added the infrared rays, that is, those that give the feeling of heat: they are particularly irritating to those with the skin that reddens easily or that tends to couperose.

If it seems like an alarming picture, don’t despair: the solution is there! Applying sunscreens on a daily basis has been studied not only to prevent future damage, but to repair those that have already occurred. The skin is as if it were put in “aseptic” conditions to start its own natural repair process. Sure, it takes at least a year, but in the meantime it’s something!

solar city

The sunscreen suitable for the city

To protect yourself from the urban sun it is essential to use anti UVA face products. How to understand it? It is always indicated on the packaging of creams and tricks, but greater accuracy you get it from PA + or PPD symbols, that is i systems for classifying UVA protection. At the moment there is no international standard scale on this type of screens (as is the case for anti UVB filters). Be aware, however, that the greater the number of + signs after the PA symbol, the higher the protection against UVA rays.

For all these reasons, in the city it is not always “mandatory” to use traditional sunscreen with SPF 50+ from the sea and mountains. They often contain mainly UVB filters (unless – as we have seen – it is specified on the packaging). Furthermore, they are formulated to withstand extreme environmental conditions: wind, sand, salt, water, etc., so even the texture may not be suitable for the city context.

Of course, these pointers are to be taken with caution: you could live in a very sunny area, several meters above sea level, and do a job that makes you spend a lot of time outdoors, even in summer. For all other cases a SPF 20 or 30 should be enough.

In case of dermatological treatments, aesthetic medicine treatments, use of exfoliating acids and specific problems of spots or couperose, you may need a high or very high sun protection. If in doubt, always ask your dermatologist or trusted pharmacist.

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The texture of the city solar

In the city, the choice of textures for face sunscreens will be oriented towards light formulations that do not weigh down the skin, they are not greasy and remain intact for all hours of light. We do not recommend the use of sunscreens from the sea or mountains because they are often too rich, as they are formulated to resist sweat, salt and water; but not very suitable forcity ​​humidity.

In addition, city-specific solar products contain antioxidants that strengthen the skin’s defenses and active ingredients that shield it from smog and the blue light of digital devices. In fact, the polluting particles of the fine dust enter the pores increasing the power of the rays. The light emissions from smartphone and PC screens, on the other hand, tire the skin.

Urban sun protection for all needs

As for the products, you can range from moisturizers with elevated sunscreens to anti-UV screens to be applied before makeup. The latter can also be used alone (or over the serum): it depends on the degree of dryness of your skin. And consequently from the need for nourishment. If you have combination or oily skin, you can avoid overlapping multiple products. There are also specific products against excess sebum and blemishes.

The news concerns the boosters that transform any face cream into sunscreen: just mix a few drops and the UV protection is created! Also interesting are the sprays enriched with filters to take with you. There is even the eye contour to be applied like a pencil.

Products with sunscreens for the city

See our selection of SPF products to choose your UV screen for use in the city. Alone or under makeup.

Fusion Water Urban by ISDIN
Ultra light texture for fast absorbing moisturizing sun protection. Formulated to not irritate the eyes.

Sunissime eye contour by LIERAC
It is applied like a pencil to protect the area around the eyes.

Urban Protection by BIONIKE Defense
A protective spray for the face with SPF 25, ideal for daily defense against the aggressions of the urban context and of the “digital” everyday life.

KORFF Sun Secret sun stick SPF 30
It has a soft, transparent green texture. It is applied quickly without leaving a trace or shiny effect.

City Block Sheer SPF 25 by CLINIQUE
Impalpable, broad spectrum sun protection against UVA / UVB rays. No chemical solar filters. Apply alone or under makeup.

Anti-shine treatment by YVES ROCHER
A specific sunscreen for skin with imperfections suitable for all ages.

Aqua Urban by GALÉNIC
You can use it alone, on top of your own moisturizer or mixed with it.

S12 Alter booster by PUROPHI
It mixes with the moisturizer to transform it into a UV protection Spf 50.

Anti UVA primer by DERMALOGICA
Prisma Protect SPF 30. It is used under make-up to make it last longer, while protecting from the urban sun.

When to apply solar in the city

The sunscreen for the face should it always be applied in all climatic conditions of the year? In fact, if you plan to spend less than half an hour outdoors, you don’t need to shield your skin too much. According to dermatologists one too protected skin, when it is not strictly necessary, it risks weakening. And then he would not be able to synthesize the vitamin D, for which they are needed at least 30 minutes a day of exposure to the sun without filters. In short, sunscreen in the city must not become an obsession!

The ideal is to insert the solar filter in the city from May to October, when the rays get stronger, and at the same time, the chances of being outdoors increase.

In summer, Are you worried that urban protection will delay your tan? In reality, the opposite is true: a good filter under makeup prepares the skin for the sun.

Make-up and sun protection: how to regulate yourself

Speaking of make-up, can you use sunscreen under foundation? And then they can be applied together cream and makeup both with SPF? Let’s try to clarify.

The correct steps involve applying sunscreen first and then foundation. However, if the latter contains a high protection factor (from 30 upwards and PA ++++), the solar switch can be skipped. The reason? The sum of the filters does not increase the protection, as if it were a mathematical operation (to simplify, SPF 30 + SPF 50 is not = 80). You only risk suffocating the skin, leading to micro-inflammations that over time manifest themselves in irritation, imperfections and pimples.

Do you spend a lot of time around? Are you afraid that the sun will lose its effectiveness hour after hour? First, the new filters are meant to be photostable, that is, they do not alter with time and light. When in doubt, our advice is to renew the protection with a compact solar foundation or a cushion. If you don’t wear makeup, opt for a comfortable one stick with SPF on sensitive areas or one handbag spay protection.

Make-up with SPF filters

To always be protected and in order, look at our selection of sun foundations ideal also for retouching, and colored creams with filters and lipsticks with sun filters.

Cushion 360 ° foundation by HELIOCARE
A sunscreen that refreshes make-up and filters.

Mineral foundation by LICHTENA
In contact with the skin it turns into powder.

Clairial Day by SVR SPF 30
An anti-blemish cream that evens skin tone and corrects marks ensuring a radiant and hydrated skin. It is formulated with three encapsulated natural mineral pigments.

Sun Days Lip Balm by PUPA
It protects the lips from UVA and UVB rays and dresses them with a delicate touch of color.
Perfect for showing off beautiful lips not only in the city but also on the beach. With SPF 50.

Brightening by SKINCEUTICALS
Daily protection that reduces sunspots. With SPF 50.

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