Cinderella effect: the ‘beauty magic’ until midnight

Che cos’è l’effetto Cinderella: la “magia beauty” che dura fino a mezzanotte

We now live in a world of images and appearances, we have any kind of make-up and product that wants to beautify us. Social networks, especially Instagram that thrives on photographs and likes, and today’s possibilities lead to wanting to show themselves more and more beautiful and better, at least aesthetically. This rush to the perfect style that lasts as long as a post on social media or a night out, today has a name: Cinderella effect.

Cosmetic houses and not only have a new market goal: to create products that can guarantee a Cinderella effect in a short time, and for the necessary duration. Let’s take a closer look at what it is, and some products that are used to achieve this effect.

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What is the Cinderella effect?

This is the new beauty lens that more and more people use in the age of appearance and speed, and it is called “Cinderella effect“. Like the famous Disney cartoon princess, so men and women have products and “tricks” for transform, as if by magic, creating a different self-image. All for the time it takes to impress a photo of Instagram, a photo shoot or an evening.

Not only make-up, but also real wits that allow you to look “perfect” for a few hours. Given the tendency to prefer products that embellish and transform in a short time, the manufacturers of various cosmetics and articles for everyday use have created a line with immediate effect. We go from body creams, to face make-up (even for men), to perfumes and hairstyling products.

Types of “Cinderella effect” products

To get a perfect Cinderella effect, you can act on the body in a complete way. The face is definitely the area that most needs to look its best, especially when you want to get the perfect look for a selfie. There are products that eliminate imperfections such as discoloration, pimples, signs of fatigue and even wrinkles. They are articles like anti-aging serums and creams, or products that make the smooth and radiant skin with only one pass.

Even cosmetics and products of make-up are aimed at making the face brighter, more colorful and looking flawless. It is about glitter eyeshadows, volumizing lipsticks, powders and foundations, also for men, which make the skin ready to welcome the light. There are those who also choose to modify some aspect of themselves for a limited period of time to try out new things. This is what the contact lenses colored disposable, or the Fake eyelashes for a more intense look.

In addition to the face, i hair, which are not always what we would like them to be. There are then natural shampoos, without silicones and other harmful substances, which can be used dry, that is without the need to wet the hair and waste time in the shower, or products that give light and temporary reflections. For those who want to try to lengthen their hair for one evening, perfect then extension.

The Cinderella effect is also suitable for evenings with friends or gallant dates, and there are in fact products for the body care. In addition to creams that make the skin smooth and soft to the touch, there are tanning sprays with immediate effect e depilatory creams for all areas. Original are the intimate oils, which nourish the skin and mucous membranes, eliminating dryness and odors, as well as being fragrant and also edible.

Products for an effective Cinderella effect

There are therefore many products available to obtain a Cinderella effect in a short time. However, you must be careful when buying the items and check that they do not contain substances to which you are allergic or that damage the skin. Below, let’s see 4 products for an effective Cinderella effect.

1. Clinique Anti-Imperfection Lotion

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The Clinique Anti-Imperfection set it is the perfect ally to eliminate any signs of fatigue or facial details that you want to cover, even if only for a few hours. Three steps for a perfect and luminous skin, ready to be photographed and flaunted.
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2. Miss PUPA Ultra Brilliant Lipstick

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The line of gloss Miss PupaUltra Brilliant Lipstick it is formulated with a creamy texture and natural extracts that give a volumizing effect. For instantly more voluminous and luminous lips. Available in many different colors, they keep lips hydrated without drying them out. A Cinderella effect guaranteed in seconds.
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3. Diego Dalla Palma Instant shampoo without water

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The instant shampoo without water Unabottaevia! by Diego dalla Palma, a must for clean, soft and shiny hair even when you don’t have time to take a shower. Rice starch absorbs excess sebum: with a few drops of spray, the hair returns clean, soft and fluffy, just like after washing it.
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4. Midnight Queen palette

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A fabulous make-up, in just a few minutes, thanks to the glitter eyeshadow palette Midnight Queen by Find. A tablet of 10 colors and shades suitable for all eyes, which in an instant give a brighter and more intense look, for selfies like a real princess.
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