Chocolate hair: all shades and 10 stars to be inspired by

Capelli cioccolato: 10 chiome "golose" di star e influencer

THE chocolate brown hair for some years now they have been a must in the beauty world of celebrities: they are chosen by actresses, models and even royal heights. Everyone likes it and looks good on many, so it’s time to add it to the list of best colors for hair.

Below we will show you the different shades available, so that you can choose the one that best matches your complexion and the most common ways to achieve this beautiful color.

Chocolate brown hair: all shades

As chocolate is presented on the market in different variations, in the same way also the hair color to which it gives the name is available in various shades, which are based precisely with chocolate flavors.

We have the dark chocolate, the darkest of all, which offers an intense and full color and goes perfectly with olive skin and cool undertone. On the contrary, the hue of the milk chocolate it’s perfect for one fair skin and warm undertone and it is the ideal color to highlight light eyes.

Hair Color: How to Choose It Based on Complexion

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The big difference between the classic brown color and the chocolate color is in the versatility of the latter. The chocolate color, thanks to its different shades and the various shades on which it can be superimposed, gives many more people, guaranteeing first of all a natural result. Excellent for those with dark eyes, because it manages to enhance the color and make it even more intense, but also excellent with light eyes for the contrast that is created.

Chocolate hair: how to do it?

The lucky ones who find the perfect color (which therefore does not need to be changed) for their complexion on sale can choose the option of uniform color: the classic mode that guarantees a color covering and uniform but which at the same time requires commitment and patience in maintaining. For example, you need to book an appointment at the beauty salon every 3/4 months depending on your hair growth, to avoid getting a scruffy effect that would ruin the gorgeous chocolate color.

Those who do not find the perfect chocolate color for their skin may prefer the various ones shading techniques, widely used nowadays, in order to obtain a personalized color that is perfect for your face, eyes and skin included. The balayage it is certainly one of the most popular shading techniques of the moment and is perfect for the chocolate color that makes it much more when applied to different shades of color, thus creating different depths and a dynamic effect to the hair.

Those who are attentive to the care of their hair and do not like chemical and permanent colors can choose the pigmented masks in the chocolate color that best suits your complexion. On the market there are several, of different brands and with different shades, all release shades of chocolate color that can vary their intensity depending on the hair base on which they are applied. They can last from 5 to 10 washes and guarantee nourishment and brightness to the hair.

Another vegan alternative ishenna: this natural plant, mixed withindigo (what is often mistakenly referred to as black henna), is able to reproduce the chocolate color. However, this treatment, being totally natural, is not available in several shades and the result completely depends on the type of hair and the starting color.

Nelson Chan, famous Hollywood hairstylist based in Beverly Hills, claims that:

To create a rich brown shade of brown, make sure you are using a warm chocolate brown and not ash brown. The goal is to have a brown color with a golden undertone that creates shine and makes the texture richer.

We believe that there is no general rule, but that it is enough to choose a color that suits us and that makes us feel good about ourselves: nothing more.

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