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Lalá Noleto

There are several rituals that accompany the end of the annual calendar to prepare for the arrival of a new cycle. One is to choose to use certain colors for the New Year to attract wishes. Are you on the mystic team? So, just take a look at the meaning of 10 colors to choose which to bet on.

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Francis Lola

The most prominent color in New Year’s Eve parties, white symbolizes peace, harmony and also purity. This is quite a combo to start the year with a golden key, since it brings tranquility and purifies the old energies, freeing space for the new ones.


Micah Gianneli

Are you looking for news for your life? This is the right color for those looking for innovation and change. In addition, it also symbolizes modernity. If you find the silver too flashy to be used on clothes, it is worth investing in accessories in that color.


Micah Gianneli

Wealth, money, luxury and success are represented by gold. Here, for those who don’t want to be the center of attention, you can also bet on accessories or even combine neutral colors to the look, like white and black, for example.


Kelly Augustine

Vibrant, yellow symbolizes prosperity, joy, relaxation and optimism. All of this makes this the right color for anyone who wants a light life. What’s more, it is also about money.


Marina Ruy Barbosa

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Passion and desire are symbolized by red, as well as energy and courage. This is a good color for those who want a little push to put new projects into practice or even engage in love life.


Thássia Naves

Do you want the new year to be calm? Blue symbolizes serenity, patience, well-being, tranquility and the power of communication. It also transmits good vibrations, since it represents the sky.


Camila Coelho

This is the color of hope, balance, good health, freshness, luck, fertility, protection and sacred. In addition, it also represents the energies of nature. Quite a combo to start the year, isn’t it?


Victoria Rocha

This is the color that represents love in different ways, whether in relationships or self-love. It also symbolizes sensuality and feminine beauty. It is a good bet for those who seek more romanticism or want to improve self-esteem.


Paola Mathé

The symbolism of lilac is strongly related to spirituality. Here, intuition and mental and bodily purification also come into play. Furthermore, this is the color of magic and cosmic energy.


Cindy Pineda

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According to physics, black is the absence of color, so some people believe it to be negative, but not quite. In fact, black is a symbol of independence and dignity. It is a suggestion for those who have doubts and need to make a decision. Not to mention that it is super elegant.

Did you see how interesting the symbology of each of the colors for the New Year selected? If you want, you can combine several of them! It is even worth doing nails for the New Year to ensure a complete look.

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