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Mary Orton

The blazer is a timeless piece that is extremely versatile. It can be used in both more sophisticated and informal compositions. In addition, there are several cutouts, sizes, colors and fabrics that can be chosen to compose looks with blazer. Below, you can find inspiring images and videos with tips on how to use and choose the ideal model.

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50 photos of blazer looks that will help you innovate your look

You can wear a blazer with pants, shorts, a dress, a skirt, different shoes and even find different models of the piece. You can see it all below:

1. Let’s start with looks with white blazer

Micah Gianneli

2. This is an accurate color for an elegant look

Grece Ghanem

3. Be with different cutouts

Mary Orton

4. Or in looks with a short blazer

Micah Gianneli

5. With this piece, you can also put together a stripped-down look

Victoria Rocha

6. Or with a more sober proposal

Rayza Nicácio

7. The elongated models are also versatile

The mine

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8. Be in a very vibrant look

Camila Coelho

9. And even with a more neutral proposal

Gabrielle Bassett

10. Thinking about it, it’s worth betting on looks with black blazer

Nicolette Mason

11. For those who want to diversify, it is worth betting on colors

Francis Lola

12. You can get inspired by looks with pink blazer

Lalá Noleto

13. That are stylish

Annabelle Fleur

14. But there are also several other suggestions

Rachel Martino

15. That help to take the visual from the obvious

Camila Coelho

16. Another alternative is to abuse accessories, such as the pouch

Gabrielle Bassett

17. Even yielding great formal looks

Annabelle Fleur

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18. The blazer can compose a look with a more street style feel


19. It can be found in shiny fabrics

Kelly Augustine

20. And also neutral

Brittany Xavier

21. Not to mention the variety of cutouts

Denise Mercedes

22. Which makes it very versatile

Francis Lola

23. And fit in different styles

Camila Coelho

24. As you can see in the blazer and shorts looks

Thássia Naves

25. That, even in tailoring

Camila Coelho

26. You can count on a more stripped-down proposal

Alex Michael May

27. Or more tidy

Giulia Song

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28. For those who want a sure casual pair

Camila Queiroz

29. Looks with a blazer and jeans are a good bet

Trendy Curvy

30. You can also achieve a fun look

Mariana Galhardas

31. And get out of the ordinary with the color block

Rachel Martino

32. For those who like a sexy look, they also have an option

Denise Mercedes

33. And, of course, very classic proposals

Courtney Halverson

34. Whether with a tube dress

Thais Dutra Sá

35. Or with an oversized footprint

Aimee Song

36. The blazer fits well

Marina Ruy Barbosa

37. With so much versatility

Rayza Nicácio

38. It is very easy to abuse the piece

Bruna Marquezine

39. Be it with heels

Aimee Song

40. Rasteirinha

Denise Mercedes

41. Or tennis

Kellie Brown

42. The blazer looks great

Lu Ferreira

43. After all, the rule is to feel good

María Garrido

44. Be with colors beyond vibrant

Camila Coutinho

45. How does this inspiration show

Juliana Pimentel

46. ​​Or with more neutral tones

Yasmim Stevam

47. Which are easy to combine

Yasmim Stevam

48. And they’re great for those who don’t want to risk too much in combinations

Camila Coelho

49. For those who want, how about shoulder pads?

Renia Jaz

50. Or a cropped one underneath?

Silvia Bussade Braz

As you can see, there is no shortage of blazer looks, right?

Tips on how to wear blazer looks

Now that you’ve seen the inspirational images, how about checking out videos that give tips on how to include this classic in the wardrobe?

How to wear a blazer on a daily basis

Want to wear the blazer with different pieces? Then come more to see the look suggestions for this video. In addition, you also check out useful tips when composing the look.

How to look stylish in a blazer

In this video, you can find tips on how to wear a blazer in both formal and informal situations. There are five different suggestions, and one of them can be your face!

Tips on how to wear a blazer

Here, you can check out 12 tips to include the blazer in your look. Thus, it becomes easier to abuse all the versatility that this piece offers. Check out all the details in the video!

How to choose a blazer

To close this topic with a flourish, a video that will help you choose a blazer that is your face. After all, nothing better than a piece that you like to use as much as possible.

As you can see, the blazer is an extremely democratic piece that can be used on different occasions, regardless of your style. Now, to complete the look, how about checking out inspirations for looks with tailoring shorts that are pure success?

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