Cellulite: the natural and quick remedies to do once a day


The fight against cellulite also passes through natural remedies, just know which are the best to fight orange peel skin

Have you ever thought about using natural remedies for cellulite? This imperfection that often makes many women uncomfortable must be fought on several fronts and, among many, it is also good to take into consideration the green methodologies.

First, however, you must know that cellulite is a disorder of adipose tissue which gives irregularities to the skin, such as depressions or holes and can occur well four stages several range from the first, reversible, to the fourth considered irreversible.

And if we all, or almost all, have a complete set of creams including anti-cellulite, sculpting and the like but perhaps we underestimate that there are many methods to treat our skin both from the inside and from the outside. How about discovering them together?

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How to tell if it is cellulite or water retention?

Let’s start by clarifying one of the beauty doubts about which we often tend to get confused: what is the difference between cellulite and water retention?

In short words, one is the cause of the other: water retention, in fact, is one of the causes of cellulite but its presence does not necessarily involve the appearance of the famous orange peel.

Obviously, both are reversible processes, but to deal with them it is good to understand what the differences are and, in addition to relying on an expert, you can do a simple test: if a white halo, that could be water retention.

While to understand if it is cellulite just take a portion of skin between the fingers and see if the famous ‘holes’ of cellulite appear, the so-called Orange peel.

How to act on cellulite?

If you want act on cellulite and try to slow it down until you eliminate it you have to prepare to face it on several fronts: nutrition, physical movement and treatments.

The aspects you can work on are mainly:

  • Take more water
  • Improve your diet
  • Do the right physical activity
  • Avoid a too sedentary life
  • Apply an anti-cellulite cream with an ad hoc massage

Since even the genetics can do its part on the appearance or not of cellulite, following these few steps will help you prevent or fight it from its first appearance.

How not to get cellulite?

Is it possible not to get cellulite? This is the classic question that, at least once in our life, we have all asked ourselves but the answer is more complicated than expected. But working on the points listed above is already a good start.

Starting from nutrition and lifestyle, you need to know that the first step concerns the amount of water: drink a lot and avoid fizzy drinks. Taking large amounts of water will allow you to counteract water retention in addition to favoring the elimination of liquids present between the cells. Do not go under one and a half liters of water a day and introduce in your diet foods, such as fruits and vegetables, rich in water in them.

Not to be underestimated is thesport activity: Inserting exercises against cellulite is the best way to fight it and, to do so, you could combine muscle strengthening with a cardio workout.

Perfect, for example, could be the GAG – legs, abdominals, buttocks – to go to work on the areas that are usually most affected by cellulite. Then add a treadmill ride by running or walking.

Last, but not least, is the body massage that you can do every day after a shower in combination with one cream anti-cellulite. These energetic and well-dosed massages will help you drain the water that causes water retention. With circular movements and light pinching spreads the cream that, in addition to the effect anti-cellulite, it will make your hands slide more easily without creating unpleasant friction.

Obviously improving the lifestyle of each is essential to eliminate cellulite starting from the elimination of alcohol and smoking until you move on to clothes that are too tight, like skinny jeans, which could hinder blood circulation by squeezing the venous system and capillary. Same thing goes for that high heels changing the circulation could be a cause of cellulite.

How to beat cellulite with natural remedies?

There are several anti-cellulite drugs on the market, but it is good to delve into the topic of natural remedies to eliminate cellulite.

Coffee for cellulite

Between natural remedies for cellulite we find coffee which allows to slow down the multiplication of fat cells, thanks to a series of reactions that it triggers. This substance, often found in over-the-counter creams, can be used to make one at home anti-cellulite creame: an inexpensive and home made remedy perfect for cellulite on the thighs.

In a cup mix two tablespoons of oil with some coffee grounds to create a baby food easily spread on the areas to be treated. Apply a film to avoid staining the whole house and leave it on for 20/30 minutes and remove everything in the shower. Repeat the treatment too twice a week for smooth and toned skin after a few weeks.

Anti cellulite apple cider vinegar

You may have heard of the multiple properties of apple cider vinegar such as the ability to destroy fat accumulation, facilitate digestion, reduce bad cholesterol levels and not only.

As for the cellulite, among the natural methods to try there is certainly the use of apple cider vinegar, both orally and topically. Eg, add about 20ml to your moisturizer, along with a few drops of essential oil to combat the acrid odor, and apply at least twice a day with circular movements thus reactivating the circulation.

Bicarbonate anti cellulite recipe

Against the cellulite, natural remedies can be a great help and, for that, well we still have someone to reveal to you. Did you know that honey and baking soda sAre they a perfect combination to fight cellulite?

By making a pack with these two ingredients you will be able to improve the skin and counteract the accumulation of fat. Mix equal amounts of honey and baking soda and, to make it softer, add a little warm water to make the consistency easier to spread.

Start at the ankles with a intense massage with circular movements, going to insist on critical points such as thighs and buttocks. This way the baking soda will allow you to do mechanical exfoliation on the skin and honey will decongest the epidermis which, together with the massage, will help you to eliminate excess water and fat.

Salt recipe to counteract cellulite

They are enough 30 minutes a day to try a natural and quick remedy for cellulite and without spending too much money. Like? Using the salt, a remedy already known by the ancients that today deserves to be rediscovered. Despite being better to avoid salt in food and dishesand, it is good to know that this product has many properties such as antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, relaxing and is perfect for eliminating excess fluids.

If you want to try a relaxing but also useful method you can dissolve half a kg of coarse salt in a tank at 38 ° about and immerse yourself to enjoy the effect and enjoy the effect detoxifying and revitalizing. After a while your legs will be immediately lighter, also improving cellulite.

For reactivate microcirculation, essential for fighting orange peel, mix coarse salt with a little olive or almond oil and use it as a scrub on damp skin. In addition to eliminating dead cells, salt combined with a circular massage will help you reactivate blood circulation decreasing cellulite.

Last, but not least, it is a do-it-yourself anti-cellulite method which you can make with about 30 grams of iodized salt dissolved in a liter of water where you will go to soak gauze or wraps. Once wet and then squeezed well you can make anti-cellulite compresses on the affected areas to keep for about 15 minutes: perfect if you are looking for a reducing and draining effect.

Lemon to eliminate cellulite

You’ve surely heard of the lemon to eliminate cellulite, but be careful not to run into overly homemade methods like rubbing half a citrus fruit on the body. In addition to having no effect on cellulite, it could create some irritation and make the skin photosensitive to the sun.

On the contrary you could add a few drops of lemon to your daily life, be that as it may seasoning that like early morning drink along with a glass of warm water.

If you prefer to use the lemon as a treatment on the skin add a few drops to one scrub made with coarse salt, olive oil and honey. In this way you will take advantage of the lightening properties of the citrus fruit and its ability to exploit the production of collagen.

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