Celebrity Cindy Crawford makes a newly awakened selfie.


We are not the only ones who have a bad hair day or forget to remove makeup before bedtime. The celebrities they are also human and Cindy Crawford has come to remind us at the blow of selfie, showing up freshly and looking the same as anyone after sleeping soundly.

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A selfie Just wake up. This is how the top model from the 90’s he has given us good morning today on Instagram. With messy hair and made a tangle, the mask of eyelashes all over her face and her robe on, Cindy Crawford reminds us that she also has bad awakenings from those who don't know what to do with your mane.

More and more are the celebrities that are launched with natural and "imperfect" photos on social networks, breaking that imposition that our selfies they must be unpolluted to show a more inclusive, close beauty and with which we can relate.

Did you think you had nothing in common with Cindy Crawford? You are wrong, because we have all ever gone to bed with wet hair to find a nest of birds in our head upon waking. We would tell the super model the same as anyone: that It is very bad for the skin not to remove make-up before sleepCindy

Photos | Gtres, @cindycrawford.

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