Celebrities and influencers are going crazy for this revealing top that we will soon see in stores


That mania of having to
show more skin in summer (something that demands the hot temperature) it is becoming almost an obligation. Not because of the degrees the thermometer shows, but because of the
cropped garments that fill the shelves of the stores. Many of us
we feel uncomfortable teaching, even if it’s a bit of ‘chicha’. But, the fashion industry is making it difficult for us:
crop tops, openings,
back to the air, bralettes … On second thought, life is too short to worry about whether our abdomen is showing too much or whether we are too uncooked. It is something that is only in our head. Why,
the bodies are to show them off and when we try on a blouse of this type we feel super ideal, but we end up not daring why they will say. Age has nothing to do with this. They are our own prejudices and limits.

Fortunately, the famous ones are there to tempt us with beautiful looks that urge us to want to replicate them and get rid of our nonsense. The latest addition to
costumes of celebrities and influencers is, precisely, a top developer that has a
single hitch. This design is succeeding in the
street style and comes from the hand of
Jacquemus. Who else?. The couturier who is revolutionizing fashion,
the trendsetter par excellence and to whom
low cost brands more imitate. The garment has many variants, depending on its length or if it is
shirt or
cardigan, and they all have that
90s inspiration so in vogue. They even look like something out of a minimalist wardrobe.
Gwyneth paltrow at that time.

Such was the rage caused by this top that a week after the parade of the
autumn-winter 2021 collection, where it first appeared, the models
Hailey bierber or
Bella Hadid they were already showing it in their accounts
Instagram or were they caught by the paparazzi wearing it in their
street outfits. The key to this daring bet is
combine it with high-waisted trousers and more formal aesthetics, such as tailor or wide leg. We achieve the same effect with a
skirt of any kind, as long as your waist is high.

Anyway, if we don’t want to go bare belly, we can continue wearing these tops with something underneath. For those who cannot wait for this style of garment to reach ‘fast fashion’ stores, the trick is to
single button fastening of a cardigan or blouse. The result is modern but with
vintage touches, such as styling based on a
shirt and skirt set in pearl tone, with which
Kendall jenner was photographed recently, of the signature
Mirror Palais and reminiscent of the looks of
90s supermodels or to Rachel Green’s outfits in

Do you decide to buy this sensual top? We have given you compelling reasons …

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