Cardigan, military boots and slimming pants: the rejuvenating street look with which Naty Abascal takes 20 years off


When we thought we had seen it all with Isabel Presyler and the most stylish flare jeans, it comes Naty Abascal with almost ten more years77 specifically) to revolutionize the street look and get up to the street style.

The former model takes care of her face with height treatments such as this anti-aging serum, but she does not hesitate to make the most of her figure with some of the trends that they will continue to raze in 2021 and that make you look 20 years younger.

The most classy and elegant famous in the country has opted for one of those super rejuvenating combinations that you can share with your daughter because they feel good at any age. All thanks to three very current garments that we do not stop seeing every winter: point’s jacket, military boots and the slim fit slimming pants.

The first one, a cardigan chunky knit in white Etro Which looks great with neck sweaters, any basic T-shirt, dresses, jeans or skirts. For the chosen footwear, Naty opts for black, lace-up, high-top and platform military boots. Valentino, the favorites of the girls who know the most about fashion. To complete this comfortable and stylish street look, the fashion consultant has worn tight pants that go perfectly with the rest of the clothes.

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