Cancer VIPs (and their beauty secrets)


Simplicity, freshness and an irresistible charm. Take a pen and paper! Here are the beauty secrets that make VIPs born under the sign of Cancer so unique and inimitable (and which you can now use too!).

Elegance, simplicity and sweetness. These are the distinctive features of the sign of Cancer, which are also perfectly reflected on the face of those born under these splendid stars. A sweet face, natural and that transmits freshness. Just like that of the vip of the sign of Cancer, which with a few moves of make up and lots and lots of personality, are among the most fascinating of the zodiac.

But is it just a matter of stars and personality? Or there are others small or big beauty secrets that help to make the Cancer celebs look so neat, feminine and delicate? Obviously being secrets we can never know everything, but here are some clues about how to get a beauty look like that of VIPs and a unique and irresistible charm.

Gisele Caroline Bündchen, nature and balance

The undisputed queen of beauty and Cancer-born is the Brazilian supermodel Gisele Caroline Bündchen. Symbol of a timeless charm (which for her really seems to never go away.) And for which the credit certainly goes to genetics but also to those daily attention and lifestyle that the model has made her own in the body of the years. Easy, you say, with a life like this it’s easy to take care of yourself.

True, but nothing prevents you from copying or borrow its secrets and use them as your own:

  • the rest, at least eight hours per night, able to make your skin bright and beautiful;
  • detox and relaxing herbal teas, to rest better, eliminate stress and purify the body of toxins;
  • diet, which includes a lot of vegetables, dried fruit, a little protein such as white meat and a lot of fish and little fruit (white flour, sugar, coffee and dairy products banned);
  • physical activity and in particular yoga, a panacea for the body and mind!

But not only.

Gisele, her beauty routine

Among Gisele’s beauty secrets there are also purely aesthetic ones concerning her beauty routine:

  • hair let it dry at natural, without phone or plates and without combing them;
  • skin cleansing very delicate with natural products and not at all aggressive;
  • deep hydration of the whole body with creams and products that change according to the season and changes in the skin itself;
  • balm lip moisturizer, to make them always soft and slow down their aging (yes even the lips age).

A few simple tricks that, looking at what they do on her, perhaps it would be better to try. You never know they will work!

Ariana Grande, iconic look

Born in 1993, Italian origins and talent to spare. Ariana Grande is one of the most loved and followed pop stars on social networks, not just for her incredible voice. But also for its beauty and its beauty secrets!

Among these, the ones that most affect its always perfect appearance are certainly:

  • L’hair stylist: that is its very long high tail. A distinctive feature of the beautiful Ariana that makes her unique and recognizable everywhere. Giving her elegance in any situation;
  • skincare: a targeted and specific beauty routine, which includes two truly essential products for this vip of the sign of Cancer, coconut oil for hair and body and clay masks;

clay mask cancer sign

  • make-up, simple but flawless, which includes a matte foundation, bronzer in peach or brown tones, brown or black eyeliner, eyeshadow with soft shades (pink, orange, etc.). Finally, for the lips only a touch of nude lipstick;
  • vegan diet: with a particular fondness for coconut water and almonds and cashews, which she likes to eat as snacks. Full of energy and health.

Few steps followed to the letter, for one beauty look and always a perfect shape.

ariana grande cancer sign

Margot Robbie, perfectly of the sign of Cancer

Blonde, with delicate features, almost like a modern doll. Female beyond all limits (not surprisingly she is considered one of the sexiest women of the moment) and by indisputable class. Margot Robbie fully embodies the characteristics of those born under the sign of Cancer. But what are her beauty secrets (besides mother nature) that always make her so wonderful?

First of all themakeup removal. To ensure the skin can breathe and rid it of toxins and impurities. Especially during the night. Besides then to drink lots of water, another important element for the brightness of the skin and to keep it always healthy and clean (even from inside).

What about the makeup? Green light tonature effect, with eye shadows in natural or pink shades, and light foundation. By focusing, on the other hand, the attention on the look, with a thread of mascara and a touch of black pencil. The best for magnetic eyes (just like yours). And on the lips? Lipstick, to create a vamp effect, especially for the most special events.

Camihawke, the “unfiltered” influencer of the sign of Cancer

And when it comes to beauty and celeb of the sign of Cancer, one cannot fail to mention our local one Camilla Boniardi, aka Camihawke. A real social talent and more, who with over one and a half million followers, enchants with his irony, contagious laughter and simple beauty, unfiltered and 100% natural. Including her gorgeous freckles.

And this is precisely her greatest beauty secret, thelove each other exactly as they are. Always moving forward according to his ideals and following his tastes, with a fair dose of self-esteem and a few small touches of beauty, capable of enhancing its natural features but without ever exceeding or distorting it. In short, a girl of the sign of Cancer who likes (and how could it be otherwise) and who likes herself.

And this is theunique and true beauty secret that we should all make ours. For learn to love and value ourselves as we are, unique and beautiful. With any look, with or without makeup, and at any time of day or night. And always with the favor of the stars.

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