Cancer sign, beauty mistakes to avoid


Each zodiac sign has its own beauty routine, but also a whole series of beauty mistakes that should absolutely be avoided. Here are the missteps that those born under the sign of Cancer should never commit. To preserve their natural beauty and the irresistible charm they are endowed with.

If it is true that a each zodiac sign corresponds to a beauty routine perfect for preserving and enhancing one’s natural beauty, it is also true that, in the same way, there are actions or forgetfulness that really should be avoided. But what are the beauty mistakes that those born under the sign of cancer absolutely must not commit, keeping their appearance always at the top and the body in total health?

Obviously they are different, from skin care to hair care to even the most appropriate products to choose from for make-up. Able to enhance the freshness and brightness natural of your face, and preserving the charm and refinement that so distinguishes you. Here, then, are the beauty mistakes that Cancerians must pay attention to (and which they should stay away from).

Pay no attention to cleansing

Two of the main characteristics of those born under the stars of Cancer are the sensitivity and delicacy, in life but also in the body. Especially in the skin. Precisely for this reason, one of the worst beauty mistakes that this sign can make is not to lend proper attention to skin care. Starting from the cleansing.

To do this it is important to avoid generic or too aggressive products (you do not need them), as they would irritate and redden your skin, already predisposed to this kind of “problems”. Better to opt for natural, delicate, and fragrance-free products. Better if in gel or foam. All this to act more gently in contact with your face, keeping it free from impurities all day long.

A targeted, consolidated skincare to be performed morning and evening and which, of course, takes into account the type of skin of each.

beauty cleansing mistakes

Beauty mistakes? Pay attention to the type of leather

Oily, dry, mixed. Depending on the type, the skin needs different treatments. For this reason, to avoid cleansing the skin incorrectly, before choosing which products to use it is good evaluate how your epidermis is, what it needs and only at this point choose the detergents most in line with your needs. Maybe even getting help from an expert. Ed avoiding making beauty mistakes from the first step.

face beauty mistakes

And the masks?

In addition, another very important step (not to be forgotten) for cleaning the face is to carry out, on a weekly basis, a nourishing and purifying mask. To detoxify and deeply cleanse the skin but without attacking it. Guaranteeing the maximum care, softly but super effectively.

Ignore exfoliation

And when it comes to beauty routines and Cancer skincare, you absolutely cannot skip a basic step in skincare (and a very serious beauty mistake if you don’t).exfoliation.

Eliminate dead skin cells from face and body, allows the skin to breathe, to better absorb the various nourishing products that you are going to apply and to always keep it smooth, velvety and luminous. Just the way you like it. Obviously always opting for natural and delicate scrubs, based on honey or almond oil. And that by acting on the skin without attacking it, they avoid causing irritation and painful and not very aesthetic redness.

beauty scrub mistakes

Ineffective hydration, one of the beauty mistakes to be avoided

As we have seen, the skin of Cancer babies perfectly reflects the delicate and sensitive nature that makes your character so sweet and lovable. For this reason, with a skin like this, thehydration plays an extremely important role within your beauty routine. And not giving it the necessary time and care is one of those beauty mistakes that can really compromise the health and appearance of your skin.

That is why, to avoid unpleasant inconveniences and preserve the freshness and radiance of the face and body, it is important to choose natural, nourishing and protective creams or lotions (perhaps based on shea butter or coconut). Or even delicate but super effective oils such as sweet almond or argan oils.

Forget about UV protection (and not just in summer)

Beauty error but also, and above all, for health (and this regardless of the zodiac sign). For you are born Cancer, however, forget about sunscreen it’s not just a mistake, it’s really a catastrophe. As mentioned, your skin is very delicate and already normally needs protection and targeted skincare. Let alone if we are talking about exposure to the sun.

Forgetting about sunscreen (or believing you don’t need it) is the best way to go damage your skin, irritating it and making it red. This can cause rashes, rashes and even the appearance of dark spots that will be difficult to get rid of. In addition to the fact that once you get sunburned, you won’t be able to relax in the sun for quite a while. This is why it is good to never forget to bring with you (or apply before going out) a nice layer of protective cream, better if with a high value. For total protection and unassailable skin.

sunscreen beauty mistakes

Opt for too heavy make-up

L’elegance and refinement are two innate characteristics of those born Cancer. Two aspects that are really worth enhancing in the right way, avoiding beauty mistakes that can compromise your natural charm. To do this, therefore, it is good to follow some make-up tips, always remembering that the password to follow is “lightness”:

  • never opt for heavy textures, better the powder products, from apply sparingly and with a light pass;
  • no to too dark shades that would cover the features and the natural complexion of your face. Better to prefer gods nude or pink tones, for a fresh and bright look;
  • to choose eye shadows with lunar tones, clear or pearly, on white, gray or pink, perfect for illuminating the face and giving charisma to the look but without weighing it down;
  • yes to white pencil, which gives depth to the look and a touch of uniqueness;
  • for the lips the tones are perfect nude or pink, both opaque and with a gloss effect. But you can also indulge yourself with a cherry tone.

Refined, seductive and very sweet, just like you.

Choose risky haircuts

Of course, everyone is free to cut their hair as they want. In general, however, those born under the sign of Cancer also tend to love hairstyles simplicity, classic and slightly retro cuts, the softness and lightness of the hair.

For this reason, daring with too radical cuts, totally changing your look or color from one day to the next, may not be the best choice for you. Leading you to make a beauty mistake to which then you will have to give time to disappear (waiting for the hair to grow back or to be able to redo the dye).

In short, perhaps in your case it is better to go step by step, trying little by little to change your look. Or keeping your “usual” style that, in addition to looking great, I give you the right security and awareness. A mix of sure charm!

hair beauty mistakes

Don’t take care of the hair

And when it comes to hair, another beauty mistake you should never make is that of not choosing the right products depending on the type of your hair. If there’s one thing you really love about Cancer, it’s that your hair is always soft and silky. To look at and to touch.

And this can never happen if you don’t pay attention to the beauty routine. A series of basic steps for the hair care, which start from choice of products corrected according to the type of hair (oily, dry, curly, straight, colored, etc.) continuing with:

  • cleansing, with shampoo delicate and natural;
  • the balm, to protect the hair and give it softness and silkiness;
  • the masks, to nourish the hair from root to tip, shielding it from external agents;
  • the protective oils to help and protect the hair shaft and also to be used for the beach or swimming pool.

beauty mistakes oil

Overdo the perfume

Simplicity, simplicity and… simplicity. Ok, you got it, the best way for Cancer girls to enhance their beauty is to stay as natural as possible (a real fortune!). And this is also true in the choice of perfumes which must not never be opaque or too strong (and this also implies that you don’t have to go through steam shower ways). But turn out only as a light and refined note to embellish your already fantastic look.

For those who, therefore, cannot do without perfume (and usually you Cancerians would never give it up) but do not want to fall into trivial and easily avoidable beauty mistakes, it is good orptare for fragrances with fresh and light tones, reminiscent of flowers (lily of the valley, lotus and rush). For a romantic and super seductive look.

perfume beauty mistakes

Don’t care about nutrition

When we talk about beauty mistakes we don’t just mean taking care or not taking care of what appears on the outside. The health of skin, hair, eyes and body in general, in fact, starts from within. From what is consumed through food.

That’s why, if you think that using a good cleanser can make up for not following one healthy and balanced diet, is one of the biggest beauty (and health) mistakes that can be made. Those born Cancer, who are very sweet women, also love to eat equally sweet foods. A vice that must necessarily be kept at bay.

Between one whim and another, therefore, it is good to opt for:

  • dishes not too elaborate;
  • organic foods;
  • foods that contain calcium fluoride (such as egg yolk or dairy products) which helps preserve your bones and even your beautiful smile;
  • fish;
  • whole grains (pasta, rice, spelled, etc.);
  • lots of fruit and vegetables (even in the form of centrifuged or smoothie).

beauty nutrition mistakes

Beauty errors: ndo not drink enough

Finally, the last but main beauty mistake for those born Cancer, concerns the element of which this sign is part, water. As seen, in fact, hydration is of utmost importance to you. But what can a cream do if you first do not hydrate your body directly from the inside? Little or nothing.

To preserve the beauty and health of your skin, always maintaining it elastic, luminous, healthy and free from redness, irritation and excessive dryness, the most important thing (and the best help) you can do is to always keep some water with you.

A nice bottle or even two, to sip throughout the day. To constantly hydrate the body (at least two liters per day). Taking care of your health and your natural beauty. In a simple but effective way.

beauty mistakes drink

After all, you were lucky enough to be born under some really beautiful stars, full of charm, elegance and refinement. And of a delicate beauty that knows no time. The only thing you need to do is not to compromise these gifts with trivial and easily avoidable beauty mistakes. Guaranteeing you a great look and with minimal effort.

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