Cancer sign and make up: styles and inspirations for you


A trendy make-up for each sign. But what are the best combinations when it comes to born under the sign of cancer and make up? Here are the colors, styles and beauty looks that most enhance you, enhancing your natural beauty.

As well as for some peculiarities of the character, the horoscope and one’s zodiac sign of belonging can affect other aspects of life of each of us. Including what most values ​​us, from hair to clothing, all the way to makeup. For example, how they approach and what relationship they have born under the sign of cancer and make up?

Obviously, given theirs romantic, sensitive and extremely elegant nature, can only be a refined, delicate make-up with soft features. A style able to embellish the face but without distorting it, to impress the observer with light shades full of charm. Giving intensity to your look with extreme elegance and refinement. Here, then, are the make-up trends that most fascinate women of the sign of cancer.

A super natural make-up

For a self-respecting makeup one can only start from the basics. And when it comes to women of the sign of cancer and make-up, the only style that can really represent those born under these stars is that of simplicity. An invisible make-up, which focuses entirely on enhancing one’s complexion as it is. With a light foundation and dosed sparingly, using a uniform and opaque base, like a compact powder.

cancer sign and make up foundation

And embellishing everything with a touch of highlighter, spread over a few very specific points. The classic effect “kissed by the moon“Which, in addition to allowing you to maintain a totally natural look (as simple as you like), will give you thatethereal aspect that only you of cancer know how to make absolutely irresistible.

cancer sign and face powder make-up

Mascara? A must have never to be forgotten

Charm and elegance. But also simplicity and refinement. In short, those born under the sign of cancer make up like it, as long as it is not exaggerated. How, then, to get a magnetic beauty look and that never goes unnoticed, but without changing or distorting? Focusing on the gaze and, in particular, on mascara.

Given the sensitive nature of the sign, it is always best to opt for a waterproof and strictly black product (or blue if you really want to amaze), accentuating the volume of the lashes with an eyelash curler, to use before putting on the mascara, please. By doing so to your undeniable charm, you will add that touch of magnetism and sweetness that only two eyes with doe eyelashes they can give. In short, something unique and incredibly fascinating!

cancer sign and mascara make up

Moon effect eyeshadows

The moon is the star that dominates the sign of cancer and even the make-up can only follow its influence. How? By opting for colors that recall the light shades, in shades of white, gray, pink. With pearly and iridescent effect.

Remembering the lunar atmospheres but always giving one feeling of lightness. A real beauty secret and an impalpable, almost imperceptible make-up. It is no coincidence that those born under the sign of Cancer love simplicity, tranquility and naturalness. In life and in make-up, which must be able to enhance them and show with a play of colors and light, the sensitive and sweet soul of the wearer. And with shades like this it is impossible not to succeed!

cancer sign and make up eyeshadow

Lips, from nude to bright glosses

And for the lips? Between those born under the sign of cancer and make-up the rule is clear. Never overdo it and above all not to distort the characteristics that can distinguish cancer women from all the others, simplicity and romance.

That’s why, the most suitable beauty look for this sign is light, ethereal, almost imperceptible. Even when it comes to lipsticks, they will range from the muted colors of the matte light pink or nude, up to the brightest glosses, always around these nuances. Or maybe with a touch of cherry for the more daring. A make-up that recalls sweetness and delicacy. Just like a kiss!

cancer sign and make up lipstick

A sign of cancer and make up? All white

Be it eyes or nails when it comes to the sign of cancer and make, the color par excellence can only be white. A color neutral, elegant, classic but that never goes out of fashion. Able to give a touch of light to the face (obviously using it only in specific points) and without ever exaggerating or depriving the wearer of his natural elegance. In conclusion, the perfect nuance for those born under this sign of water.

Go ahead, therefore, a white pencils and eyeliner, to be applied in the lower line of the eye (to give depth and magnetism to the gaze) or in the upper part, for a more classic look but of sure effect. And without ever distorting the refinement and elegance that distinguishes you.

Nails and nails art

And for those who want to give uniqueness even in your own hands, white nail polish is a great option for those born of cancer. A product capable of embellishing the appearance of your hands, both leaving the color pure, and enhancing it more with details and a more elaborate nail art. But always in the name of elegance. For example opting for small decorations how:

  • flowers;
  • glitter;
  • 3d applications.

cancer sign and make up hands

In a simple and delicate way. For a look and a color that, in addition to representing you at its best, it will never tire you!

How to say. Nature gave you birth under a wonderful sign, granting you a a little retro soul and a timeless charm, undeniable and impossible not to notice. It is up to you to enhance the gifts of mother nature (and you are really lucky) with the right make-up. Simple, essential but with a guaranteed effect.

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