Can you wear sequin on the beach? Bright looks tips for New Year's Eve


The New Year is approaching and our readers have already asked: can you wear sequins on the beach? With this in mind, we have put together in this post the solution to this question and some more amazing look tips for New Year's Eve by the sea. Check out:

After all, can you wear sequins on the beach?

Dresses with light fabrics and sequin embroidery are a sure bet

To begin with, the doubt that generated this post. Yes, you can wear sequin on the beach as long as you are comfortable with the look. Nowadays the glow is welcome anytime and any occasion, especially for those who have a more modern style.

Long sequined dress at the beach. The ideal is to choose pieces with less sequins, which makes the dress lighter.
Sequin on the beach – Yes, you can wear it!
Sequin-filled pieces work best with short lengths. This makes it more comfortable!

In this case, as it is a beach environment, it is worth betting on light tones such as champagne, rosé, silver and gold. In addition, furtacor is also a success.

Sequined slip dress is perfect for New Year's Eve on the beach
Lighter shades help bring lightness to the New Year look.

In modeling, choose cool and short styles, so you avoid material dragging in the sand.
This brings us to the next topic:

Special care with sequin pieces in summer

New Year's sequin dress

The sequin is a type of embroidery that requires special care. Because it is a party, many people have questions especially at the time of washing.

Stylish New Year's Eve Dresses

During the summer – and especially at the beach – it is common to sweat more, besides the sea air that can damage the piece. Therefore, be careful not to get your clothes wet in the sea and, after use, try to wash as soon as possible.

How to wash sequin pieces

The sequin can be washed by hand with cold water. Soak the piece in water with a few drops of neutral detergent for about 20 minutes.
No need to rub. Then simply rinse off the excess soap and dry the piece in the shade, spread flat on a towel.

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Glow looks tips for New Year's Eve

Metallic rosé dress

In addition to the sequin, glittery metallic fabrics also lend glitter to the New Year's look on the beach.
A good bet for 2020 is satin fabrics, a super trend that helps lighten production with elegance. Skirts, slip dresses and tank tops are among the most desired pieces.

Satin Slip Dress – Elegant Glitter at New Year's Eve
Perfect short to enjoy the New Year's Eve by the sea

For those who do not give up the shine and want a practical solution, the best bet is the metallic mesh. They are available in virtually every color, are comfortable, easy to wash and stylish.

Metallic green long dress. Sexy to the extent!
Golden long skirt is also darling of Brazilians in the New Year
Gypsy top and pleated skirt. Swap flats for comfort

Also, even the bikinis have embarked on this wave, so it rolls shine all the time anyway. To enter the year on the right foot, it is worth keeping an eye on Pantone 2020 and choose blue pieces with metallic touch.

Classic Blue, the Pantone 2020

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