But how does Kate Middleton have such perfect skin? “Here is his secret”


The scene now is (almost) all of Meghan Markle. The new wife of Harry of England and new Duchess of Sussex former actress of Suits is the latest addition to the royal family. And in addition to this, being an American, divorced and show woman, she gave a lot to gossip in the months preceding the wedding, which took place last May 19 at Windsor Castle. Now that Meghan is in the royal family (by the way, it seems that she has immediately entered the queen’s good graces), from the gossip and ‘skeletons in the closet’, the focus has shifted to looks, beauty secrets and possible breaches of strict rules of the actual protocol. Every day, in practice, we discover one. But even though Meghan is in her moment, no one has forgotten about Kate Middleton. She recently gave birth to her third child, Prince Louis, and is immediately back in great shape. At Harry and Meghan’s wedding she was as charming as ever and in order not to overshadow the bride, she personally took care of the pageant of pageboys and bridesmaids and wore a recycled dress. (Continue after the photo)

We won’t see the Duchessina for the next six months. But not for whatever reasons. After having participated in the wedding, in fact, she seems to be certain to take 26 weeks of maternity leave that is due to her by law. Therefore, the little Louis Arthur Charles Mountbatten-Windsor leaves the scene to fully enjoy the last born, the third child who was born on 23 April. This does not mean, however, that we have stopped talking about her. Today, then, we will reveal to you a beauty secret that, hear hear, we can easily make ours. (Continue after the photo)

On top of everything else, seeing what perfect skin Kate has? It will be partly due to mother nature, of course, but William’s wife also has a secret that, mind you, has nothing to do with the very expensive products that celebrities often use, such as those based on gold and caviar. On the contrary, this time not only if we ‘mere mortals’ can afford it, but we are even already provided with it. The secret of Kate’s perfect skin, in fact, is not only super cheap, but it has to do with a very common object that we all have in the bathroom. (Continue after the photo)

It’s the towel. As Cosmopolitan writes, Arabella Preston, the duchessina’s beauty guru, revealed it to The Cut, explaining that a soft and quality towel when passed over the face cleans the face better than anything else. The fibers also help to gently exfoliate the skin. And who would have thought that a simple wet towel was Kate’s method? Obviously, in addition to that, there are also other products that cannot be missing in the duchessina’s beauty case. Like, take note, Trilogiy’s Rosehip Oil, which is rich in antioxidants and anti-aging properties.

“It costs less than 9 euros”. Meghan Markle, the beauty secret is within everyone’s reach

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