Bronzer, which is the right one based on the skin tone


Sun-kissed skin effect even without a tan? Just choose the right bronzer and apply it correctly. Giving you an amazing summer look and a super bright face!

Summer time, tanning time. And of that beautiful golden complexion that appears on the face, naturally enhancing its features. An effect that can also be accentuated with the help of a must have of make up, the bronzer. Obviously if you know how to apply it and, above all, what color to choose it.

Because if it is true that the bronzer is able to give that to one’s face touch of extra brightness and color, it is also true that if you choose the wrong shade, the result can be very different (making the situation worse). That is why it is important to ask yourself if the product you are using is really the right one for enhance your skin tone, giving you that effect of warmth and volume that makes so much summer. And how much they like it!

What is the bronzer?

First it is good to understand what we are talking about. Often, in fact, the bronzer is confused with another face make-up product, the blush. And this is also one of the reasons why, sometimes, one is done totally incorrect use (and with an effect not exactly at the top).

Blush VS Bronzer

The blush or blush, in fact, it usually has colder shades, it is used in particular on the cheeks and cheeks, to give the face a healthier complexion. It is no coincidence that the word blush means to blush. The classics pink cheeks typical of those who are well.

When it comes to bronzer, instead we mean the bronzer, that is a product that aims to give the face the typical tan tone. Blending it all over the face to give it greater volume and brightness. For an exceptional summer look even without sunbathing.


The bronzer can be of different types with more matte finish, suitable for those who want to get a more “sculpted” effect on the face, or bright, if you want to give greater light and “brilliance” to the skin. But not only. Although it is usually sold in powder form, there are bronzers with a liquid texture and which obviously need more attention when laying.

A product that, therefore, also depending on the desired effect, can be used by anyone (and with any type of complexion) as long as, as mentioned, they opt for the right shade based on your complexion.

Bronzer girls

Choose the right bronzer

To do this it is important evaluate your home base, without wanting to imitate colors that do not belong to you, with shades that are too dark for your skin. Doing so will guarantee you a totally natural effect, similar to what you get with the first tan, and free of spots or contrasts that are too marked and not at all beautiful to look at.

The first piece of advice to pay attention to, therefore, is to always choose a bronzer that never exceed the hue too much of the skin undertone, a maximum of one or two.

Skin bronzer

Specifically, it is good to opt for:

  • warm shades, if you have one fair complexion (usually with blond or light brown hair, tending to biscuit with a pink or very light brown undertone and to be used sparingly (absolutely avoid dark shades);
  • nuances tending to peach or beige, if in addition to fair skin you have i Brown hair;
  • colors more similar to the terracotta, bronzed, coppery, or approaching the medium brown with neutral undertone, if you have a “medium” skin tone, amber, and an already naturally dark hair;
  • in case of darker skininstead, it is good to opt for equally dark bronzers, with a warm and bright undertone (an opaque texture, in fact, can risk making the skin gray), with a red-pink color.

But not only. The choice of the right bronzer, in fact, is not only valid in relation to the type of skin but also according to theeffect you want to achieve on the face:

  • if the intent is to give more “warmth” to the skin tone it is preferable to choose warm, orange and shiny bronzers, to give light to the face;
  • if, on the other hand, you want to get more volume, the best colors are the slightly more ones cold and dull.

How it applies

Obviously taking care to apply it correctly. With the bronzer, in fact, the result on the skin should be similar to that of a tan. A little’ like a first tan. For this reason it is good to use it only on those areas of the face that would already normally increase their color if exposed to the sun, such as central part of the forehead, the cheekbones, the nose and the center of the chin.

If you want, then, you can also apply a little bit of it on neck and décolleté, avoiding too abrupt and unnatural color breaks. Always remembering to use little product, spreading it well with the brush and then blending it:

  • starting from the forehead (from the hairline);
  • passing through the cheekbones, drawing an arc from the temple to the corner of the lips;
  • and on the sides of the nose, leaving a light point near the “bridge”;
  • and then finish on the jaw, blending the excess product also on the neck.

Neck bronzer

And always paying attention to do not create marks or blotches, but applying the product evenly, following the accents and natural lines of the face.

A few simple steps to choose and use your bronzer correctly. Guaranteeing you a fresh and natural summer make-up at the time of the day. Just like you have just been kissed by the sun!

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