Bronzer, 5 tricks to put it to perfection


The bronzer is a magical product to reproduce the effect of tanning on the face in a natural way through a magnificent play of light and dark even during the gray winter months. The luminous effects of this product are prodigious, but it is necessary to use the brushes correctly to avoid creating dark spots. You can use this cosmetic, in fact, also to make the complexion obtained thanks to the sun’s rays uniform.

A fundamental thing, however, to make the most of the bronzer’s potential, is to know the difference with the other tricks for the face, especially with blush, learning the various points where these products are to be applied.

How to use the bronzer

Applying the bronzer is not at all difficult as it seems, however you have to get carried away because you could create little aesthetic spots, or get a sort of “mask” effect that weighs down your face. In addition, you must always remember to arrive, with the brush, also on the décolleté and especially on the neck. The detachment of color that can be created if you do not spread the product well, in fact, is immediately visible and absolutely unpleasant.

girl with bronzer

Don’t be scared, we’ll take care of suggesting you 5 tips to apply the bronzer effectively, avoiding making those mistakes that of course you could make if you are a beginner.

Choose the bronzer of the color that best suits your complexion

It seems obvious, but the bronzer should not be chosen at random, a mistake that many people still make today. You have to choose it based on the characteristics of your complexion, in particular by identifying the one that best suits your undertone.

face complexion

To understand which one is yours, it is enough to observe the color of the veins of the wrists. If they tend to blue it means you have a cool undertone, otherwise if they are greenish it means that the undertone is warm. This aspect is especially essential for choosing foundation and lip products.

There are a lot of shades of bronzer, but we can consider three main categories:

  • if yours complexion is clear, we advise you to opt for the color honey;
  • if your skin is of medium intensity, choose a product gold;
  • finally if you have a dark complexion, lean towards a bronzing powder orange-brown.

selection of facial products

Prepare a matte make-up base to apply the bronzer on

One thing that unites the various shades of bronzing powder is the need to apply the product on one matte skin with a good compact powder, first eliminating the shiny effect produced by the foundation. Only in this way the bronzer adheres well to the skin and produces a very natural warm effect and not at all artificial.

applying the powder

Discover the “E” or “3” technique

To apply the bronzer in a very simple and fast way, just choose a suitable brush (the contouring brush is perfect) e describe a 3 or an E starting from the upper part of the face up to the chin.
Start by drawing an arch that starts from the forehead and reaches the cheekbone; continue by creating another arch which has the cheekbone as its starting point, and the chin as its end point, passing through the mandible.

bronzer brush

We assure you that it is one of the classic operations much easier to do than to say!

Contour by studying the areas to be highlighted and those to be darkened

For sculpt your face going to highlight the dark areas of the face through plays of light and shadows, you have to resort to the now famous contouring or sculpting (taking up the concept of chiaroscuro used in photography and painting).

This technique is increasingly talked about on social media, especially thanks to the numerous photos posted by celebrities with this make-up like the Kardashians, who choose it both for everyday life and for social moments.

kim kardashian with contouring

Start by highlighting the shape of the eyebrows, the center of the forehead, the eye contour, the bridge of the nose, the upper part of the cheekbone, the lip contour, the inner cheek and the center of the chin. At the same time, the sides of the nose, the hairline (being careful not to stain them), the upper part of the forehead, the area under the cheekbone and the jaw should be darkened. To add light to the complexion, use a product that is one or two shades lighter, while for the bronzer, choose one that is two shades darker.


Blend the bronzer well when you want to get the sunkissed effect

The effect “kissed by the sun”With skin that looks like it just came back from the beach after a long day of sunbathing is one of the most beautiful that can be achieved using the bronzer.

Apply a not excessive amount of product on the areas that tend to attract the sun’s rays the most, such as the cheekbones, forehead, chin and nose.

To avoid creating the patches we were talking about before, we advise you to blend the bronzer gently towards the surrounding areas, so as not to create a too sharp detachment.

bronzer on blonde girl

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