Bronzer, 5 mistakes you absolutely must avoid


Bronzer yes, bronzer no. That is the question. But maybe not, especially if you learn how to apply it correctly. Avoiding the most common mistakes (which many do) and that ruin your make up. Here’s what they are and how to avoid them.

Sunny days and the desire to get a tan that gets stronger and stronger. Green light to the bikini then? Maybe, but not for all. The temperature, in fact, for many is still not so pleasant. And spending a few hours under the sun’s rays, getting that beautiful golden complexion that is so popular, still looks like a mirage. But don’t worry. With a touch of bronzer the “tan” effect is guaranteed, even for the most chilly.

Obviously if put correctly, avoiding all of those mistakes that are made very often and they can ruin your make-up and the desired result. Here, then, is a series of things “not to do” to ensure flawless make-up and a bright face. To enter as a star in the most awaited mood of the year, the summer one.

Do not pay attention to the type of bronzer

How many times have we said to each other “but yes, one bronzer is as good as another as long as it colors”. Mistaken! As with any other beauty product, if used and chosen correctly, it can enhance and exalt your natural beauty even more. If purchased at random and without paying the right attention during the choice, however, it can cause the opposite effect.

When it comes to bronzers, for example, the hue of the nuance is very important to guarantee you a flawless and super natural result. Avoiding creating a mask on your face and an absolutely unaesthetic effect. Specifically, the bronzer doesn’t have to never be darker than a shade or two compared to that of the undertone of your skin.

What is the right bronzer for me?

For example, to be even more precise, to choose the bronzer that best suits your skin tone you can consider buying:

  • a bronzer from warm shades, tending to biscuit with a pink undertone or brownish, if you have one fair complexion (usually with blond hair);
  • toned bronzer peach and beige if you have brown hair and fair skin;
  • naunce of the terracotta or that are close to medium brown with neutral undertones (bronzed and coppery), if your skin has a amber tone and with dark hair;
  • dark colors, with a warm and bright undertone and with a red-pink color, if you have the naturally dark skin.

Bronzer nature

Brightness or volume effect?

Besides, then, to pay attention to theeffect you want to achieve. Depending on the type and shade of bronzer, more or less dark, in fact, this can change:

  • donating more heat to the natural tone of the skin (choosing orange and bright bronzers);
  • increasing the volume of the face (opting for “colder” colors).

It being understood that when in doubt you can always ask for advice from a make-up expert.


Load the brush with too much product

Sometimes, thanks to too much or too little light or haste, we tend to overfilling the brush, applying too much product on the face with total carelessness. Now, assuming that make-up is in effect a way to take care of yourself and “pamper yourself”, know that the bronzer and the lack of attention do not go together at all. The reason?

Simple. A make-up mistake like this, filling the brush with too much product, even if it may seem trivial “because then I distribute it well”, in reality it can compromise the performance of your make-up. By coloring your face too much or by forcing yourself to distribute the bronzer even where it should not be placed. By getting a totally unnatural effect.

That is why it is always preferable use little product, freeing the brush from the excess by tapping it on the hand and only then wipe it gently on your face (and only where necessary).

bronzer too much makeup

Apply the bronzer all over the face

One of the most common mistakes, in fact, is precisely where to put it. Beyond the quantity, in fact, albeit very important, to know how and where to apply the bronzer it is a fundamental element to guarantee you a true make-up artist’s make-up.

As mentioned, the purpose of the bronzer is to recreate the classic “sun-kissed” effect on the face giving the face a touch of extra shine and warmth. Obviously going to enhance only those areas that naturally are colored with the first rays of the sun.

This is why it is important to apply it only on cheekbones, nose, middle part of the forehead and the center of the chin. Blending it perhaps on the décolleté and neck for a more homogenous effect, is always:

  • starting from the forehead (near the hairline);
  • passing through the cheekbones, so as to draw an arc that starts from the temple to the corner of the mouth;
  • brushing the sides of the nose (with the exception of the “bridge” to give more light);
  • and finally, blending the bronzer on the jaw and up to the neck.

Which brush to choose?

To do this correctly, the brush you use is also extremely important. In the case of the bronzer, for example, it is better to opt for large, round brushes with soft bristles. For a more uniform, light application and guaranteeing the right dexterity during blending.

Bronzer brushes

Choose the wrong texture

Obviously each of us is fond of our favorite texture, liquid or powder, but as with everything habit is not always the best choice you can make. Especially when it comes to make up. The first thing to consider when choosing the bronzer, in fact, concerns the type of product that was used as a base.

If you have used a powder foundation you shouldn’t never apply a liquid bronzer. This is because, failing to slide easily over the face, it would almost certainly form spots on the skin and a little homogeneous make-up. But not only.

Bronzer powder

For the choice of texture, the skin type. For example, for those with oily skin, liquid bronzers should be avoided, because they would go to increase even more the oiliness of the skin creating an unpleasant glossy effect (which is not the same as bright).

Bronzer on the hair and eyebrows? Never!

“But how” you say, “what do hair and eyebrows have to do with bronzer?”. Exactly, nothing. Yet it is not rare to see a nice layer of colored bronzer on them too. Now, even considering the fact that hair tends to lighten with sunlight, it appears clear how much it can appear unsightly and unnatural see the hairline and eyebrows of a color that is not theirs.

A very common mistake, dictated by haste and lack of attention. And, therefore also easily avoidable. Just take your time and possibly remove excess makeup with a small cotton pad. A simple, banal gesture that totally changes the final result of your make-up.

Few but essential steps to apply the bronzer in the correct way. Avoiding making the classic mistakes that make the difference between a well done make-up and everything else. And being able to show off your first tan even without having sunbathed, but with a always beautiful and super natural look. Summer proof.

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