Broken nail: how to fix it quickly?

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Hands are an important business card and with them too nails. Long or court, natural or with a bright color nail polish, with an elaborate nail art or with a veil of clear nail polish. Each woman has her own preference when it comes to nails. Of course, wearing them short has the advantage of practicality, but for those who love to wear them long, abroken nail it’s a drama!

Broken nail: what to do?

A single broken nail implies having to shorten them all to avoid an unsightly effect of unequal length. Or the use of a good nail artist. Especially if in conjunction with an important event, you need to quickly run for cover. Well, without having to resort to drastic solutions and without having to spend a euro, you can opt for one DIY home repair sure success.

And since prevention is better than cure, it is good to know that to have strong nails and avoid breaking them you must first keep them hydrated (a mix of honey, oil and lemon or a simple cream is excellent), then avoid treatments and solvents aggressive and have a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

Here are some tips on how repair a broken nail without too much effort comfortably at home.

1. Tea bag method

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The first method involves using any one tea-bag (the classic one in paper) and a top coat (or normal clear polish). Of the tea bag you will only need the outer wrapping: from there you will need to cut out a small piece, a small rectangular section no larger than the broken nail to be repaired. This can be applied either by covering the entire nail or, preferably, only the affected part. This is a useful method both in case of crack and in case of detached nail.

  • the fragment of paper should be positioned after having spread a veil of transparent nail polish on the nail, so as to make it adhere well;
  • on top it will be done another coat of enamel;
  • at that point, you can proceed with the manicure and maybe apply a colored nail polish.

The presence of the piece of paper will not be noticed at all, because it becomes practically transparent and invisible, one with the broken nail.

2. The tape patch

The tape patch (the one sold in pharmacies, used for bandages) can be used, in case of a broken nail, to keep the two edges together. As in the case of the tea bag, the patch also becomes one with the nail and blends perfectly under a layer of transparent nail polish, becoming invisible and uniforming its color to that of the nail. Once applied, you won’t notice the crack.

3. Broken nail glue

broken nailSource: Wikihow

There nail glue can be used both in case of broken nail and detached nail:

  • first the nail is soaked in hot water (to soften it) and then proceed with the application;
  • a little is enough and the quantity must be carefully distributed with a stick or a toothpick on the broken nail, forming a light adhesive layer;
  • at that point you can fix the broken piece you want to reattach, pressing to make it adhere well.

It is important not to touch the glue with your fingers because, as it contains cyanoacrylate, it immediately sticks to the skin. If this happens, remove it quickly. Complete the job by filing the nail to smooth the repaired area. Then proceed with the desired manicure.

4. Transparent adhesive tape

The Scotch tape more suitable for repairing a broken nail is the transparent office one, the one for gift packs: the insulating one would be too strong. The scotch tape should be applied covering the entire part of the broken nail; the excess is then cut with scissors. The ends of the tape must be well adherent to the nail and to fix them better you can use clear polish.

5. Transparent patches for broken nail

broken nail

Many brands have also included practical transparent patches in their collections (nail repair pads) for manicure, to be used in case of broken nail. They are similar to the lunettes that are used to make the French manicure, but specially designed in case of broken nails. Once the protective film on the back has been removed, the bezel is applied to the nail and voilà, the repair is done and you can proceed with the application of the polish.

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