Body scrub: new for 2021 and 5 ways to use it well


An inevitable product in the routine of the fateful preparation for summer. Which over the years has been enriched with various functions, in addition to the well-known exfoliation. Curious about what’s new? And above all, how is it really used? Read further!

The world of body scrubs is evolving: from “simple” products with granules they have become multifunctional cosmetics. They moisturize, cleanse, perfume, smooth, give energy, activate the microcirculation. And obviously exfoliate the skin. All in an enveloping atmosphere that immediately gives the impression of transforming your bathroom into a SPA. About the scented notes which in recent years have attracted increasing attention from cosmetic companies. Today you can choose between balsamic scents oriental hammam style, the sweet and caressing scents, the woody and floral accords or the salty scents that recall the sea. And this enriches the gestuelle typical of the sensorial massage.
Of course, let’s not hide it: one of the main reasons why, especially in spring, the body scrub is part of the beauty routine is the goal of eliminating cellulite. But it would be an understatement to use it only for that, since they do much more on the skin.

What is the body scrub used for?

The main function of the body scrub is to eliminate dead skin cells. Which translated into practice means: improve the appearance of the skin. It is an ideal product to feel comfortable before wearing short sleeves or skirts. Used consistently, the body scrub makes the skin smoother, especially if by constitution it is dry, and in winter it becomes even more so because of thick layer of clothes. Sometimes, the skin can be so rough that it doesn’t absorb them well moisturizers. Other times, however, one gets the impression that even liters of milk and various butters are not enough. With a good body scrub this does not happen: deprived of the very superficial stratum corneum, the skin absorbs the subsequent treatments better. Including anti-cellulite.

The body scrub also reduces the roughness of the elbows and knees and smoothes the skin of the thighs and forearms, even when this presents the typical manifestations of keratosis pilare. It is a dermatological affection that manifests itself with red and raised spots, as if you always had “goosebumps”. In this case, more than the traditional body scrubs with granules, you can use the new products thatmechanical exfoliation (the one through the massage) combine thechemical exfoliation (that through fruit acids). And this is something new in recent years.

Body scrub: the news for 2021

Among the novelties of 2021 there are products that are increasingly performing and that meet different needs. A few examples? The increasingly nourishing power of body scrubs which, in some cases, makes subsequent application of the body cream superfluous. The new formulas are enriched with vegetable oils that do not leave the sensation of dryness.

There is no shortage of body scrubs that fight water retention, ideal for example during the cycle when the body retains more fluids. And of course, perfect as preparatory treatments for anti-cellulite programs. The merit is of the sea salts which, due to the physical process of osmosis, regulates the balance of liquids: basically, it helps to drain them. And then, the massage does the rest as it improves blood circulation.

The insertion of the AHA exfoliating acids, in some products with micro granules for the body, is another novelty to note. In this case, they have a slightly stronger action, read more smoothing.

Is the body scrub a sensory experience? Sure! And today it is even more so thanks to the thermogenic effects, that is the hot or cold temperatures which allows it to reach to the skin. All for the benefit of well-being.

Last but not least, the increasing attention to the eco-sustainability of the products with which to “scrub” the skin. The fateful granules are now all natural, that is derived from fruit kernels, also because theuse of microplastics has been prohibited by law. This means that they no longer accumulate in the bottoms of seas, lakes and rivers. Nor do they generally pollute our cities.

Look at the selection of DMBeauty (the article continues after the gallery).

Energizing Thalasso-Scrub by COLLISTAR
: from € 26.50

Sugar Therapy Body Scrub by BIOPOINT
€ 9.90

Solid cleansing body scrub with green coffee by BOTTEGA VERDE
: € 15.99

Rêve de thé, Regenerating Scrub by NUXE
: € 23.90

GEOMAR Illuminating Thalasso Scrub
: € 11.90

Detox Body Scrub by YVES ROCHER
€ 13.95

Scrub & Peel, double exfoliation cream by FILORGA
€ 28

Melvita organic argan body scrub
€ 19.90

Superbody – BECOS Renewing Exfoliating Cream Scrub
€ 40.00

Pink Salt body scrub by SOMATOLINE COSMETIC
€ 18.90

COMFORT ZONE Body Strategist Peel Scrub
€ 39

3-in-1 body scrub of SPUMA DI SCIAMPAGNA
€ 6.99

How to use the body scrub (well)?

Are you sure you know how to use the body scrub correctly? What does it take, it’s simple: just massage it and that’s it …! Not really, here 5 ways to use it like a PRO.

  1. On damp skin
    Unless it is explicitly written on the package, the body scrub should always be used on slightly moistened skin, therefore neither wet (dripping with water) nor dry. For convenience, do this: wet your hands with the jet of the shower, and pass them on the body several times until you have reached a good level of humidity. Then apply the scrub. In this way, you will give the granules the opportunity to “express themselves” at their best without slipping on the skin. And in the meantime the little water will bind to the oils to better release their nourishing power.
  2. No soap or shower gel
    For the same reason that the scrub is applied to damp skin, it is recommended not to wash before spreading a product in grains. And in some cases not even after, since the new body scrubs are already cleansers. Why shouldn’t soap or shower gel be used before the scrub? Because surfactants (the molecules to cleanse) can reduce the exfoliating performance of the product.
  3. Do not combine gloves or brushes
    In some cases, the temptation can be strong, but in reality the grain product is designed to be used alone. Forcing your hand (it is appropriate to say it) with horsehair gloves, loofahs, various exfoliating sponges would only mean exposing yourself to the risk of irritation.
  4. Never on irritated skin
    Small abrasions, cuts, redness etc .: if the skin looks like this it is good to wait a few days. And then remember not to use a body scrub for the face, unless it says on the package. In addition to having the granules too large for the delicate skin of the face, it is designed for other functions.
  5. Gentle massage, please
    The right move is not to rub, pressing the skin with energy, but to “accompany” the product along the body with circular movements. Light and delicate. It starts at the ankles and ends in the groin. And then it starts from the wrists to finish on the shoulders. Better to avoid the décolleté area, for which a face scrub is more suitable.

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