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One of the haircuts that year after year is imposed again before the extra long mane, is the bob cut which at this point I doubt that it will soon go out of fashion, since new alternatives of this same hair style are born every time I want to share some ideas of this type of haircut that you can do if you have dark hair, it looks beautiful and further emphasizes our features so do not hesitate to try them.

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It is one of the haircuts that favor more face types since it defines them even more and refines features making our face look a little smaller. It is perfect when you feel that your long or medium hair is very badly treated and really lifeless, this cut is your best solution since you do not cut too much hair and cut only what is mistreated. You can give it a more natural effect by creating layers and the volume you will have will be beautiful.

Look at all the proposals I found to show you in the gallery below, I hope you like all the ideas very much and that you can put into practice the one you liked the most.

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