Blue light pollution: the effects on the skin and how to defend yourself


A hyper-connected life exposes us to a new and subtle form of pollution: blue light. The risks? Especially cutaneous, from which it is necessary to defend themselves with specific broad spectrum filters

It seems that protecting yourself from the sun and smog is no longer enough to prevent skin aging: a new enemy threatens the beauty of the skin. This is the blue light, emitted both by the sun and by you digital devices (smartphones, tablets, PCs, televisions and LED lights).
Recent studies have found that blue light is capable of causing skin damage relevant, such as spots, wrinkles and greyish complexion. Especially in the face of one hyper-connected lifestyle, and taking into account that, on average, each person spends 6 hours a day in front of the 4 screens of the devices they own.
Some American dermatologists have also calculated that spending four 8-hour working days in front of a computer exposes us to the same amount of energy as 20 minutes in the midday sun. So much so that we talk about “blue light pollution“A danger as subtle as it is imperceptible, since we do not notice it.

What is blue light?

Known in physics as visible high-energy visible light (or HEV), blue light is a wavelength of light that comes from both natural sunlight than from the artificial one of screens digital. When emitted by the sun, blue light has positive effects on mood, memory and cognitive function in general.

It is when it comes from the screens of electronic devices that blue light can be harmful: it disturbs the natural circadian rhythm, reduces the production of melatonin and affects the quality of sleep.

blue light pollution

The effects of blue light on the skin

The last dermatology studies they found that blue light induces one in the skin oxidative stress, due to the ability to reach the dermis, where the collagen and elastin fibers are located, responsible for skin elasticity. Here is that sagging and wrinkles from smartphones I’m lurking. The neck is also in danger, due to the constantly inclined position to scroll the screens.

Another concern is the impact of blue light onskin hyperpigmentation, like (if not more) UV rays, even if we have to wait for long-term studies to establish their reliability.

The bad habit of falling asleep with your smartphone

The blue light emitted during the day is not enough to undermine us, the danger also creeps in night, when we fall asleep with eyes glued to a digital screen.

According to Estée Lauder research presented at the 2018 International Congress of Investigative Dermatology, exposure to blue light during the night affects the natural circadian rhythm of the same. skin cells. The latter continue to work as if it were day, compromising their natural overnight repair process. This can lead to visible signs ofaging, and constant dark circles.

blue light pollution

How to protect your skin from blue light damage

«The first counter-move against blue light pollution is increase the skin’s defenses, using special shielding products “- suggests the dermatologist Maddalena Montalbano.

“I am not referring to the sunscreens that are normally used at the sea, but to specific products that protect against the flooding of this blue-violet light”. Of course they should also be applied indoors, such as in the office or if you make extensive use of digital screens.

Some day creams contain filters anti-blue light made up of powerful natural antioxidants that create a “second skin” on the surface, so as to prevent fine particles from adhering to the epidermis.

In the gallery, some products to try

“Anti blue light” face creams


It protects the skin from pollution and the harmful effects of blue light, thanks to the Filmexel Complex, the BLB (Blue Light Barriere) patent and the high SPF30 protection.

Enriched with glycerin and Uriage Thermal Water for hydrated and soft skin.


Thanks to its continuous action throughout the day, it protects the skin from external agents and hydrates it for a long time. With Peony and Trehalose extract that preserve skin hydration and fight its dull appearance, and SPF 20 against UVA and UVB rays. Its light and rapidly absorbed texture gives an immediate sensation of freshness and guarantees long-lasting hydration + 39%.


Fluid, fresh and melting emulsion to protect the skin from new forms of pollution, including blue light. Contains a mix of powerful antioxidants, such as ginseng extract, kiwi extract, organic buckwheat seed extract, organic ginkgo biloba leaf extract and pea extract. Together they work to strengthen the natural epidermal defenses.

How to repair blue light induced damage

«The corrective effect is guaranteed by the retinol and fromhyaluronic acid which, together with vitamins C and E with antioxidant action, fight the formation of spots and act on the loss of brightness of the skin »- explains the expert.

To combat the effects of blue light, it is good to apply a detox cream at night that fights the altered circadian rhythm of the epidermal cells themselves, and therefore strengthens it.

Look at the products recommended against blue light for use at night.

Face cream for the night

BOTTEGA VERDE renewing, detox, illuminating, anti-wrinkle night cream

With Moringa oil and Keratinase, it provides a delicate enzymatic exfoliation that frees and renews the epidermis, delicately eliminating impurities and dead cells.


Soft and nourishing with a formulation specially designed to detoxify the skin at night. Fights free radicals by enhancing natural defenses and creates a protective barrier against environmental stress and blue light.

Contains Astaxanthin, Coenzyme Q10, Lycopene with antioxidant action.

Restoring Night Serum from Guudcure’s Pollution Free line

A night serum that contains a specific natural active that can counteract the harmful effects generated by Blue Light. Used regularly, it strengthens the skin barrier, counteracts the formation of free radicals, stimulates the production of collagen, thus improving skin tone, elasticity and radiance.

Extra care for the eye area

Special attention must be paid to eyes and around the eyes, in which the opsins present (photoreceptor proteins capable of absorbing blue light), if subjected to excessive exposure, are affected by oxidative stress that causes blemishes and wrinkles.

To protect opsins and prevent cell damage caused by blue light, there are new targeted treatments that contain special peptides that filter the absorption of blue light and decrease the production of free radicals.

Eye contour products and creams

Estee Lauder

The exclusive patented ChronoluxCBTM technology helps support resynchronization and endocutaneous nocturnal purification – Catabolysis – to help optimize the nocturnal self-repair rhythm of the skin that loses its synchronization due to exposure to blue light during the night.

Protective Face Spray SPF 30

UVA-UVB filters: protect against UVA and UVB rays
Global Anti-Pollution Active: phytocomplex of active ingredients from rice germ, red rice and black rice, prevents the formation of free radicals and strengthens the repair and detoxification systems of the skin, protecting from urban pollutants and blue light (HEV – High Energy Visible light) emitted by electronic devices.


A broad spectrum sunscreen against UVA and UVB rays and against blue light. It is vegan and made from 99% natural ingredients. Mineral (physical) technology reflects the sun, thanks to the presence of non-nano Zinc Oxide particles.
Passion fruit extract, rich in antioxidants, protects the skin from free radical damage, fortifying its natural barrier.

«Of course, those good lifestyle habits that enhance the benefits of creams remain valid, such as introducing them foods rich in antioxidants in daily nutrition and ensure continuous skin hydration»- concludes Dr. Montalbano.

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