Blanca Suárez’s favorite sandals are these so original and super trend that you too will want to have


It seems that Blanca Suarez has followed our advice and has taken note of the sandals that are going to be worn this season. For this reason, it has chosen models that combine some of the current trends such as square design, padded fabric and straps that tie on the leg. Three ideal models that he has bought in a sustainable Spanish firm and that are very similar to these so wearable from Primark and that have little to envy this Stradivarius model that imitates luxury ones.

After falling in love with this proposal for a comfortable look for spring with a midi dress and a gabardine, Blanca Suárez has confirmed which sandals are going to be seen the most in 2021. The actress has received an order for Alohas, a signature of footwear designed in Barcelona and handcrafted all its models in Alicante and whose main value is sustainability. They use a pre-order system that allows them to accurately anticipate demand levels prior to production. But not only that, Alohas has a myriad of sophisticated and original designs that have fallen in love with influences and celebrities like Blanca herself.

I don’t know which ones I like the most“Blanca wrote on her Instagram profile next to an image in which three models of very cute sandals appeared. Two of them, the white and brown ones, are characterized by wide padded straps, the trend of the moment and that comes as the absolute protagonist of this footwear. The fluorine model features some much finer straps to tie on the leg or ankle, a feature that is also very fashionable and that also achieves a stylizing effect on the leg.

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The Unique Laced Ivory Heel sandals by Alohas (119 euros).

The Unique Laced Ivory Heel sandals by Alohas (119 euros).

In addition, the three models that Blanca has chosen have the plant with a square design, a way that is super trend right now. No wonder Blanca can’t choose! Because, we have to admit that they are all very cute. We have already added some to our wishlist, and you?

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