Blanca Romero and Lucía Rivera return to pose together, this time as ambassadors of Single Centers


After parading together for Pronovias, starring in a campaign with the Polo Ralph Lauren firm on the occasion of Mother's Day and having been an image of the jewelry firm Style Aristos, mother and daughter get back together in front of the camera. On this occasion, premiering as ambassadors of Centro Unico.

It is clear that the model duo works very well and with these new images for beauty centers they once again demonstrate it. Galicians are great in snapshots. The natural tone The campaign brings out its beauty in its purest form. Both dressed in a white shirt and culotte white, made up naturally and with loose hair.

Centrosunico Setp19 03

For Unique Centers that they are the new ambassadors this fall makes perfect sense. And this bet is intended "evidence that skin care is not a matter of age".

Both Blanca and Lucia define themselves as passionate about beauty and ensure that they are "excited about this project and happy to put the care of your skin in the hands of the expert and professional team of Single Centers".

Centrosunico Setp19 02

Blanca has stated that laser hair removal was like a gift for her since it made life much easier, especially considering his profession. "You have to always be ready, with beautiful skin, without wounds, very hydrated; for me, it is undoubtedly one of the best investments that any woman can make ".

Centrosunico Setp19 01

For his part, Lucia, it is clear that pampering your skin is necessary and confesses that sometimes he likes to give himself little whims. Now he has started his first beauty treatments in Single Centers "to wear a hydrated, juicy and shiny skin".

Photos | Unique Centers

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