Black Skin – Check out dermatological tips and care


Is it hard to imagine a person going to the dermatologist and leaving without important advice? A survey in the US reveals that many dermatologists and residents report a lack of medical training to serve the black skin public.

At the same time, people with dark skin also deal with more skin problems such as hyperpigmentation, inflammation, skin cancer, laser sensitivity and keloids.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance to be on the lookout for some color skin care tips. Check out!

Understanding the black

Black skin pigment cells are more active than other skin types, either with a light spot or a dark spot. They have more pigment varieties than people with other skin tones and ethnicities.

There are three or four types of melanin and black is the darker version, reacting more intensely to any kind of stimulus, such as trauma or inflammation, as it excites cells.

With keloids and scars, our fibroblasts and collagen cells are also more reactive. This makes scarring difficult, as the healing process never stops, continues.

According to experts, trauma to the skin such as acne, for example, causes inflammation and stimulates pigment cells. Causing clogging in the pores, dark spots are appear especially on the skin of color.

Tips and skin care

We have already seen that there are many risks to dark skin, and there is a shortage of doctors prepared to serve them efficiently. We need to look at it as a solution and option before the problem arises. Check out periods and products to use and meet black skin allies:

Azelaic acid

If you have already suffered from acnes and find yourself with many spots. Azelaic acid is indicated in the morning. You can find the product in gel or cream.

Vitamin C

As a natural alternative, vitamin C breaks black skin pigment and slows down the aging process.

ADCOS Face & Body Antioxidant Kit. Great choice for black skin.


Skin color tends to be drier, petroleum jelly and cocoa butter products are excellent options to balance the problem. You can apply after using your moisturizer, Vaseline will maintain the effect of hydration longer, increasing the absorption by the skin.

Check out more tips for using Vaseline on black skin.


Yes, everyone needs to use sunscreen. Many dark-skinned or black-skinned people stop using them because most of them are white pigmented, whitening their faces at the time of application, but there are darker pigmented protectors. Regardless of skin color, it is essential to protect it from the sun's rays, preventing wrinkles, blemishes and premature aging.

When we talk about skin, we are referring to the whole body. So it is very important to pay attention and take care of all parts of the body. Also, seek out a dermatologist who has the proper knowledge to provide the best information.

Black skin deserves special attention and care. Not only the face but the whole body.

By caring for your skin with care, you will look young and healthy longer! After all who resists a beautiful and radiant skin?

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