Black mask: how to make a purifying mask


The annoying blackheads represent the pre-acne phase, a phase in which bacteria penetrate the pores and lead to inflammation at the site of stagnation (this is why the black color). These first forms of lesions usually occur in puberty due to the hormonal structure that changes the production of sebum and the texture of the skin itself, but also in the case of oily skin. The sebaceous glands in fact lead to the production of sebum in the pores and causes the formation of blackheads. It should not be forgotten that even the prolonged use of cosmetics makes the skin very oily over time and therefore more prone to this type of aesthetic imperfections. On the net there are many tutorials on how to make the black mask using vinyl glue as the main ingredient, but let’s say that it is not a product suitable for the skin, so it is better to stay away from it and find other products that, instead, can be tolerated from the dermis. (Continue reading after the photo)

Activated carbon black masks free the skin of impurities and leave it healthy, fresh and rejuvenated. In the market you can find ready-made Black Masks but I always like to experiment and skewer so follow this easy easy recipe to prepare the DIY black mask. You can prepare various types of DIY black masks, but this is one of the most popular with women. How is it prepared? Here are the ingredients and the recipe to make it. (Continue reading after the photo)

What you need: 3 capsules of activated carbon, 2 and a half tablespoons of milk, 3 sheets of isinglass, a bowl, a teaspoon, a brush. Here’s how to proceed to make the black mask. Break the activated charcoal capsules until they turn into a powder that you are going to pour into a bowl. Then add the Aloe Vera gel, rose water and essential oil. Mix the ingredients well until the mask is smooth and homogeneous, without lumps. Now the mask is ready. (Continue reading after the photo)

Once the mixture has been prepared, you can proceed with its use. To apply your DIY black mask on your face, use a brush. Avoiding the eye area, spread it and keep it in place for ten or twenty minutes (depending on the size of your blackheads). Once the time has elapsed, remove the black mask, rinse your face with warm water and proceed with your classic beauty routine.

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