Black French: the nail art for modern and elegant nails


How to decorate nails in an original, elegant and modern way? The french black is a choice of manicure of great trend, especially with the arrival of autumn and the cold season. There versatility of black color and style makes black french great for different results: from a retro look to an extremely modern one, rock or refined, punk or delicate.

Black french is also versatile because it can be made on square, pointed nails or almond, and with different length. Since the black color is the darkest and consequently more difficult to correct or remove in case of errors and smudges, it is important to choose to do it in a beauty Center, or practice independently, perhaps starting with white French.

Once the favorite shade, the style and the look you want to achieve, you can proceed to the realization: let’s see the method to make a beautiful black French, valid for both gel and nail polish, e 11 original and classic ideas in the gallery.

Black French: how to make it?

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There french manicure it is a particular way of applying the polish on the nails, which must necessarily be long enough to see the bezel, or lunula, the white part at the end of the nail. In fact, this is the part affected by the French, which is suitable for both natural nails and with reconstruction or semi-permanent gel. All you need is black nail polish or gel, a base, top coat and a transparent nail polish.

To make the classic black French, just follow the directions for a white French or other colors. For those who are beginners or are not sure, they can help themselves with guide stickers or the Scotch tape, to be applied to the base of the nail bezel. In this way, the boundary between the part to be colored with the French and the base is well delineated. With a flesh-colored base, the top coat is first applied, then moved on to the French.

Collect little product to spread well with the brush if you use the classic nail polish, or with the gel tool, following the line of the bezel. To get the french pointed or lateral you can spread the French by tilting the line at will. Below, we leave to dry, natural or catalyzing the reaction in the lamp for the gel. Finally, it is advisable to pass the clear polish and the top coat that retains the color.

It is also possible to vary the compositions, for example by changing the color of the base: in this case it is first necessary to apply the base and let it dry, and then move on to the French. Or by adding decorations of all kinds. For a rock look, for example, you can apply white nail polish on the base, or with punk shades such as red or purple. For an elegant and refined style, the choices are many: from flowers to silver and gold decorations, up to the application of diamonds.

Black French: 11 original ideas for all tastes

As we said, the possibilities with black french are endless. Just rely on your imagination and your tastes. Those who decide to rely on the hands of a professional are certainly facilitated in their choice. You can opt for a lateral or pointed French, or the application of designs and decorations of all kinds. We have collected in this gallery 11 ideas from the web and suitable for all preferences.

Black French: how to make it for an original and trendy look


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