Big eyes: how to enhance them with make-up?


The eyes are defined large when, looking straight ahead, there is still white space under the iris. They are usually appreciated, because they enhance the gaze of those who own them. But what is the make-up right for those who have big eyes? There is no single rule valid for everyone, because beauty lies precisely in the uniqueness of the person and his traits. Those with particularly large eyes already bring attention to this part of the face.

But he can decide to enhance them further with a suitable makeup, following some tips and advice. There choice of makeup varies not only depending on the dimension, but also of the eyes colour. Shades that are better suited to darker or lighter shades, more or less marked strokes depending on the tastes and the effect to be obtained. So let’s see how to get a perfect make-up for big eyes.

Makeup for big eyes: general tips

Big, round eyes are often associated with a certain innocence, but that’s not always the effect you want to achieve. Make-up can help to enhance the eyes without exaggerating, so that they are beautiful and harmonious, and also to achieve the look desired, which is not necessarily that of the sweet doe. What is there to know to do big eye makeup? Let’s see 5 tips.

1. Don’t overdo it

First of all, the first advice to follow is to do not overdo it, because, we repeat, they would be emphasized too much resulting not very harmonious. Unless this is the effect you want to achieve, for a particular occasion. To dare therefore, but not too much, so that the attention is still on one’s gaze, but in a balanced and perfect way.

2. Use eyeliner

L’eyeliner it is an excellent ally for those with big eyes, for those with good dexterity in using it. As an alternative to the classic one, even the gel eyeliner or the black pencil they are fine. Black on the eyes has a strong effect, which tends to narrow eyes that are already small, while it is excellent for enhancing large eyes without enlarging even more. Also, if you want to emphasize more in length the eye, which in itself is rounded, can be played with long and marked lines at the end of the eye.

3. Lights and shadows

One of the best ways to do big eye makeup is to use play of light taking advantage of the contrast chiaroscuro with eyeshadows. What needs to be done is to create a cut crease, i.e. highlight the crease of the eye with the eyelid and focus on the lashline. To make the cut crease just use an eyeshadow of lighter shades over the entire mobile eyelid, and darker shades in fold and onlashline. To enhance this area even more you can use eyeliner or pencil as in the previous point.

4. Take advantage of nuances wisely

For big eyes thegradient effect it is excellent, and you can indulge yourself with many shades different. If you want to enhance without enlarging the eyes even more, the best colors are beige and ivory, as well as different opaque shades. For the same reason it is better not to use pearlescent and pastel colors. With these colors the eyes are large and well enhanced, while if the idea is to lengthen them, the right shade is it smokey eye light and very nuanced.

5. Mascara

Even the eyelashes are important to effectively and elegantly stand out big eyes, and mascara is therefore essential, both on the lashes of the higher that inferior. In fact, mascara highlights the natural shape of the eye by opening the gaze better.

These are tips suitable for making up all big eyes, but as we have said, it is also important to choose the right eyeshadows and shades for the color.

Makeup for big blue eyes

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To enhance the big blue eyes the best choice is a trick smokey eye. The eyeshadow of black and dark shades should be applied on the entire mobile eyelid, and then blended with the specific shading brush. For an even greater effect you can use the black pencil or theeyeliner, but already with this trick the eye is well enhanced. You can then opt for a good one instead mascara in order to also enhance the lashes, especially if they are blonde or light.

For a colorful make-up, the best shades for blue eyes are definitely the complementary ones, such as the red, orange and brown. But even better are shades gold, bronze, pink, which not only bring out the shape and color of the eye, but also give points of light. An alternative is to instead of betting on a cat eye, that is, lengthening the eye line with eyeliner, creating a look that can be sophisticated and elegant, but also great for every day.

Makeup for big brown eyes

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Big dark eyes like that brown they follow slightly different rules. With this color, the lighter shades tend to enlarge the eye even more, while the darker ones make it smaller. The colors that most enhance the brown of the iris are the green, the Violet, the blue, but also the brown itself, which recalls the nuances of the iris.

Again, eyeliner or black pencil can help resize and give the desired shape to the eye, or enhance the natural one. Unlike lighter eyes, the black line at the lashline is less visible, so you can opt for an alternative to mascara, bringing the lashes outwards, and to eye shadows to highlight this area.

Makeup for big green eyes

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The eyes greens, being clear and usually less “bright” than blue eyes, they need first of all shades of the eyeshadow that do not turn them off but enhance their color. Eyeshadows that are too light have the opposite effect, while enhancing the look i Cold colours such as purple, plum, peach, lilac, some shades of red, purple, pink and shades of brown. Again the colors bronze and sand are ideal, and also the smokey eye following the indications of the blue eyes.

Depending on whether you are preparing a make-up for the day or an evening, you can choose lighter and more delicate colors or darker and stronger colors. A tip for green and large eyes is to use one green pencil inside the eye, which helps accentuate color and shape. The mascara perfect to highlight the green iris is the Violet. It can be used alone or combined with black mascara, in order to have a less heavy effect.

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