Bichat bubble: the stars modify it with surgery


The desire to appear different, in order to fall within the unreal parameters of beauty as much as possible, can also lead to having natural body parts removed with plastic surgery. Among the most requested interventions, especially among celebrities, we find today the removal of the Bichat bubble. This is the cushion that gives roundness and softness to the cheek. As with all cases in which you decide to intervene on your body, it is essential that the choice is personal and not dictated by fashions and the need to appear as others want us.

Remove the Bichat bubble it is an unnecessary action in terms of health, except for some cases in which there are discomfort in this area, and at the same time it does not cause particular side effects. Those who choose to do this usually want to slim down the face, making the cheek appear drier and thus highlighting the cheekbone. An effect that can still be obtained with other less invasive practices. Let’s see what the Bichat bubble is and what its removal consists of.

What is the Bichat bubble?

The Bichat bubble, also called “bullet“, Represents the adipose tissue, similar to a small pad, found under the cheekbone, in the mouth cavity, and in the crease between the nose and cheek. His first name it comes from French surgeon who first described this structure in the 1700s, Marie François Xavier Bichat. Bichat’s bubble is very pronounced in children, especially the youngest, and tends to decrease even a lot with growth.

Some adults still have it clearly visible, while others only hinted at, but it is not to be considered a problem in either case. This structure has a function, which may not be fundamental, but is still important in chewing, as we will see in the next paragraph. In some cases they are detected developmental anomalies of the Bichat bubble, which make for example one cheek more plump than the other, or particularly large cheeks.

In these cases, under medical advice, or for aesthetic reasons, you may decide to try to reduce the blister in a more natural way. For example with the manual lifting face massage, performed by facial massage specialists, which helps reshape the cheek and lift the skin. The treatment is not permanent, but allows you to gradually elasticise and train the skin of the face, so as not to have to resort to surgery.

Another method that has allowed anyone to indefinitely hide the Bichat bubble is the contouring make-up.

What is the Bichat bubble for?

The Bichat bubble plays some functions simple in the body, mainly affecting infants and children. In fact, in this phase of age, the so-called bullet serves a support the cheek while breastfeeding. The function also remains during growth and adulthood, especially useful when chewing, as it lubricates the muscles involved in this action.

Its importance is therefore reduced to a little in the adult, which is why the Bichat bubble is very pronounced in children very small, and decreases during development, never completely disappearing. The Bichat bubble is responsible for the rounded appearance of the cheek, in the upper part.

Its presence is usually more evident in people with heavier weight, only due to the increase in fat, but this is not strictly related. The bullet is a structure present in every body, and remains visible even in emaciated and malnourished faces. This makes us understand how it is an absolutely normal part of the body and common to all people.

Removal of the Bichat bubble

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Resort to surgical removal of the Bichat blister can be an aesthetic or health choice. In the latter case it is decided, under medical advice and prescription, to remove the entire bubble or only a part, when they exist malformations or large dimensions of the bullet. It can occur for random reasons during birth, for an asymmetrical distribution of fat in the face, or for chewing problems.

In other cases, however, the decision takes place for reasons closely aesthetic, and the removal, or reduction, is therefore aimed at giving a more regular and slender appearance to the face. The goal of the operation is stand out the lighted areas of the face, such as cheekbones, and decrease the roundness of the face, for a more refined and mature image. In fact, it can be noted that with age, the face becomes more angular and less plump than in youth.

For this, surgeons try to opt more, whenever possible in agreement with the patient, of reduce only The dimensions of the bubble, without removing it entirely. In fact, at a more mature age, a little fat is necessary so that the face is not completely hollowed out. And to ensure structures that support the cheeks. Removal is indicated in aged between 18 and 40 years old, maximum 50, because development has not yet finished and the bubble can still shrink.

L’surgery, called bichectomy, takes place in local anesthesia, and during the procedure the surgeon performs aengraving of 1-2 cm in the inner mucous membrane of the cheek, from which fat is removed. At the end of the operation, the wound is closed with absorbable thread, so as not to leave visible scars. The operation is delicate, since in the cheek there are the facial nerve e the parotid ducts. There recovery postoperative is about a week in which it is advisable to avoid smoking and have good oral hygiene.

Bichat bubble and make-up

The reasons for wanting to decrease the size of the Bichat bubble can be different, especially aesthetic ones. In fact, it is legitimate to want to make small changes to your face, to make it more hollowed out, or to highlight the cheekbones.

However, it is crucial that this decision both completely personal. And that it is not taken to fall within the beauty standards that today’s thin and emaciated women want. Also because then, when a woman appears thin, the insults and criticisms certainly do not end.

Consequently, if you just want to try to change the look of your face, before resorting to more important treatments, the make-up meets this need very well. Thanks especially to Kim Kardashian, the contouring it is now a trick that anyone can easily do, even at home. In fact, you just need to have the right tools and follow the numerous tutorials available online to get a chiaroscuro effect effective.

The play of light and shadow is carried out with the intertwined use of illuminating products on the cheekbones, and dark and opaque make-up such as earth and foundation to be applied just below. This gives the impression of slender and almost non-existent cheeks, giving light to the parts of the face that you want to enhance. Using make-up to conceal the Bichat bubble is a safer and alternative method to surgical removal, which allows you not to regret if one day you change your mind, and to change your look from evening to evening.

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