bet on this trend and get to know the different shades


The nude color is perfect for discreet and chic proposals. It will make your looks more sophisticated and match different occasions. Check which shade suits you best for a versatile and wild color in your closet.

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There is no single color that defines it, as its tones vary according to the skin of each woman. In short, it’s a color that closely matches your skin tone. With such a great diversity, it is not possible to define it, but to apply its concept to each special woman.

Viewing these looks, you will understand more easily the concepts of nude color. How about finding out which one best suits your style? Check out how it adapts to each woman:

You can already see that with nude it is possible to create completely different proposals, right? You can start the day in style and close the night with a flourish. And to harmonize the look with the look, check out these amazing nude makeup tutorials.

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