Best face and body sunscreens 2021, creams that really work


The latest in face and body sun creams, to tan safely

Like every spring, the countdown that separates us from summer begins. And with it the search for best sun creams. What are the news for 2021? In pharmacies, perfumery and large-scale distribution, many products are on sale for all tastes and needs. Yes, but how to choose?

Let’s start with the brands of sun creams recommended by dermatologists: usually they are the ones sold in pharmacies. They are formulated to minimize the risk of allergy and to be used even by the most delicate phototypes or children. They are usually the least fragrant or, if the perfume is present, it is tested to be as hypoallergenic as possible.

If you start applying sunscreen in the city right away (even if your skin is still young) you have a good chance of stopping the appearance of wrinkles, spots and sagging skin. What is the characteristic of solar that protects your youth capital? First of all, a medium-high SPF (from 30 upwards), then it must contain a cocktail rich in antioxidant ingredients capable of fighting free radicals.

Also, never skimp on doses. It takes at least 2 teaspoons of product to protect the face and neck.

One can be established ranking of the best sunscreens? Yes, but know that all products on the market provide adequate protection from the sun. Just follow some basic rules.

How to sunbathe without risk

The rules for risk-free sunbathing for the body they are the ones we all know by now, but it is always good to repeat: do not expose yourself to the sun during the hottest hours of the day and in any case never for too long, use the most suitable protection for your skin type, even when you expose yourself directly to the sun and even if your skin is already tanned. If you need one extra protection, arm yourself with pareo, hat and sunglasses and take into account the locality where you are: not only sea, mountains and cities require different types of protection, but also different seaside resorts in different areas of the planet, such as tropical paradises, need suitable products.

Guide to the best sun creams 2021

Sun creams: which brand to choose? Preference is individual. A better brand cannot be established a priori. A distinction must be made in terms of texture, fragrance, time in which you tan.

The new sun products are absorbed immediately, leaving no film on the skin. They range from dry gels to light emulsions, from super-fine milks to nebulizer sprays. Some products are in biphasic form, that is formed by an oily part and an aqueous one: shaking the bottle creates a refreshing mist that invites reapplication.
There is no shortage of more full-bodied creams, suitable for very dry skin or for arid and moisture-free climates, such as the mountains.

To remember is that the sun protection does not change according to the consistency: what matters is the SPF filter and not whether it is formulated in milk, gel, oil or cream.

Sun creams for the body 2021

Capital Soleil Eco-Sustainable Sun Milk by VICHY

sun emulsion for the body SPF 30 / high protection by MILK_SHAKE

Intense Protect 50+ Very High Protection by AVENE

Facial sun creams

The best face sun creams are the ones that tan you while protecting you from aging. Not only that, they must guarantee particular “performances”, such as non-greasy, easy to spread, smell good, etc. And if you have discoloration, it is better to opt for an anti-spot face sunscreen.

With solar exposure, the spots on the face risk to increase, even if we protect ourselves adequately. If you are subject to hyperpigmentation, know that some cosmetic companies have created specific protections that protect both from UV rays and visible light: the latter, in fact, helps to increase the formation of sunspots.

These are sunscreens that they do not avoid tanning on the face, but they help regulate sun-induced melanin production, thanks to active ingredients that correct irregular pigmentation. These sunscreens are also suitable for those with drug-induced photosensitivity or those at risk of melasma for hormonal reasons (contraceptive pill and pregnancy, above all).

<strong> SOLEIL PROTECT Anti-Spot Uniforming Face Fluid SPF50 </strong> <strong> by ROC </strong>“/><strong>SOLEIL PROTECT Anti-Spot Uniforming Face Fluid SPF50</strong> <strong>by ROC</strong>        </p>


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