Benefits of being without a bra: the whole truth


A revolutionary choice for some, a utopian idea for others. Being without a bra does not agree with all women, yet it has obvious benefits, which ones? We will reveal them to you!

Being without a bra: #nobraday between sexual freedom and gender equality

The use or choice not to wear the bra divides women into three strong factions: le prime they would never give up going around without a bra, le second claim the possibility of not wearing it while the third (more moderate) would like to be able to choose when to wear it or not.

Unlike the feminist uprisings of the 60s and 70s – where burning the bra was synonymous with struggle and sexual freedom – today the Millennials and the girls of Gen Z are almost completely opposed to the use of the bra or Bra (as it is called on social networks, contracting the English word: wonderbra).

Neither underwire nor push up, for the Millennials, which watchwords are: freedom is comfort, completely abolishing the use of the bra. The reasons are different: we are talking about one more relaxed lifestyle, which does not necessarily involve the use of underwear that constricts and suffocates the skin and the equality for the nipples of men and women, always a taboo and still “demonized” through social media.

Benefits of being without a bra: the feeling of freedom

Accustomed from an early age, thewearing a bra it’s a necessity for most women who can’t / can’t give up on this piece of underwear. Mythized as a synonym of sensuality, being without a bra is instead synonymous with freedom.

How many times, back home, will you have breathed a sigh of relief in freeing yourself from the constriction of the underwire and feeling, shoulders, breasts and back free to move. If you are wondering what the benefits of being without a bra, hold on tight, we’re about to reveal them to you!

Reactivate the circulation

A problem that is immediately realized by looking at the skin after a full day wearing the bra is that it blocks circulation. Having good blood circulation is important and it means taking care of the heart and skin. For this it is necessary not to wear it at certain times of the day, allowing the circulation to reactivate.

Increased volume of the nipples

Not everyone knows that women who don’t wear bra have nipples from 5 to 7 mm more voluminous of the wearer. Using the extended bra would make the nipples more sensitive to irritation, especially because this underwear is not always changed with the correct frequency and is therefore the perfect place for the proliferation of microbes and bacteria.

Never sleep in a bra

Besides the fact that sleeping in a bra is really annoying, it has been shown that it increases by 125% chance to develop a breast cancer. This happens because the breasts cannot eliminate toxins through the lymphatic nodules thus causing problems such as: fluid accumulation, flaccidity of the breast tissue and cyst formation.

It does not counteract gravity

Contrary to popular belief, wear the bra does not counteract gravity and consequently, not wearing it, does not affect the shape of the breast or its tone in the least.

The breasts left “free” remain naturally firm and high, even rising by a good 7 mm per year. A good reason to try not to wear it every day and enjoy the benefits of being without a bra!

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