Beauty Routine on vacation: what to take with you and what not to


The big dilemma that plagues every girl about to pack is how to preserve the usual beauty routine without carrying too many things. Don’t panic, here’s how.

When leaves for vacation one of the most distressing thoughts is the one that accompanies the preparation of the suitcase, able to make even the most Zen girl hysterical shouting: “What do I bring”? A question that involves the clothes but even more the products of beauty routine, because in addition to understanding what we can really need on vacation, we have to deal with what we can bring or not, especially if we leave by plane.

Not to mention the thought of having to seal each bottle hermetically, in order to avoid finding creams, foundations or perfumes scattered everywhere in the suitcase once you arrive at your destination.

In short, a real nightmare from which to escape is possible in one way only: to limit to the essential the luggage.

We know it seems like an impossible mission to you but don’t worry, you can do it. Think about the type of vacation you are about to take e focus on what you need seriously and what thatinstead you can leave at home.


The first thing to clarify is that even if you are on vacation and would like to think about nothing, face care cannot be put on standby. However, you can avoid carrying everything you own, and greatly reduce your luggage.

What to bring

Indispensable even in the beauty routine on vacation, a cleansing product. If you have uneven skin that changes often, and therefore you have different products that you alternate according to your needs, do not bring everything but make a thoughtful choice. Unless there are specific problems, the product for washing the most suitable face for the summer is the gel one, because it adapts to almost all skin types.

To remove make-up, choose an oil, which in addition to removing make-up nourishes and rehydrates the skin, especially after a day in the sun. Also bring a balancing serum with you. Vitamin C is ideal for summer.

Don’t forget sunscreen

Not to be forgotten out of the suitcase is definitely one high protective cream, 50 or 50+ if you have fair skin, at least 30 if medium or dark, never lower.

What to leave at home

To best preserve your face on vacation, you don’t need anything else, so if you are thinking of bringing various types of creams stop moisturizers, you do not need it. The face produces much more sebum in the summer and the serum can be more than enough to nourish it.

Plus, you always have sunscreen with you, which is nothing more than a nourishing cream. If you feel the need for an extra pamper then, use that.


Make up

The makeup department is undoubtedly what most of all on vacation can be downsized, especially if you go to the sea. On the beach, in fact, you can safely not wear makeup, and in the evening it takes very little to be cool.

What to bring

A make up product that we recommend you to don’t leave home is mascara because by itself it is able to turn on your gaze and give you a curated and magnetic image truly in an instant.

Remember to choose a waterproof one, otherwise the heat, or the sea water in case you decide to take it to the beach, could melt it.

Other tricks that you can bring I’m the powders. A bronzer in case you want to even out the complexion after tanning, and a illuminating to light it up a little.


Lip Balm in first place

For the lips, choose a lip balm rather than a lipstick, so to feed a part of the face that is particularly delicate and subject to aggression.

Choose a nude version if you want to keep a natural look, colored if you want to add a touch of glam to the protection. But remember to check that the lip balm too contain sunscreen.


What to leave at home

All the other products that are normally part of your make-up beauty routine can be left peacefully at home. In particular, say hello to foundation until September, especially if what you usually use is particularly opaque.

Hair care

Holiday hair suffers a little bit of the stress of change, and if you go to the beach also that of the aggression of sun and salt. Therefore, they cannot be abandoned to their fate, otherwise in September the only way to revive them could be to make a drastic cut.

What to bring

On vacation, your hair is washed a lot more than at other times of the year, so be careful which products you use. Better one natural shampoo free of silicones, and a conditioner that has the same characteristics.

If your hair doesn’t have any particular issues to manage, you can combine the products and choose one 2 in 1 shampoo.

Protect them from the sun

If you go to the beach, don’t forget one in your beauty routine sun spray that protects the hair from UVA and UVB rays.


What to leave at home

On vacation, forget about hair dryers and plates of all kinds, but leave your hair free to express itself as it sees fit and to dry in the wind. By doing so, in the autumn you will find them shining again.


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