Beauty Routine on vacation: things to avoid and never do


Beauty routine on vacation? No problem! Here is everything that is good to avoid (or what is better to do) in order not to compromise the beauty and health of your body during the summer season. Seeing is believing!

Days on the beach, lunches and dinners by the sea, evenings that arrive the next morning. Summer is truly a season full of opportunities and fun. So much so often healthy and good habits are forgotten to preserve the beauty and health of your body. How? For example, neglecting the beauty routine while on vacation or committing a whole series of errors data mostly from haste.

How, then, to avoid incurring unpleasant consequences? Simple, never forgetting to perform your usual beauty routine and paying particular attention to all those things that you must never, ever forget to do (or worse try to do). Guaranteeing you always looking at the top from head to toe, even on vacation. So here’s what never to do to perform a correct summer beauty routine.

Forget about sunscreen

The first thing not to do when talking about summer beauty routine is to forget about sunscreen. A key element to preserve the beauty and health of the skin, especially when on vacation and more exposed to the sun’s rays. That’s why it’s important to include it as an integral part of your beauty habits, as the last step in your skincare routine. That’s how:

  • we start with it makeup remover (obviously if you are wearing make-up) to remove make-up from eyes and face;
  • then we move on to detergent, to thoroughly cleanse the skin and eliminate impurities in a deep and targeted way;
  • at this point we use the tonic, to restore the correct ph levels;
  • the serum, to give the skin a whole series of important nutrients for health (anti-aging, moisturizing, calming, antioxidant, illuminating, etc.)
  • there moisturizing cream, to deeply hydrate the skin and protect it from external aggressions;
  • and finally the Sun protection, to shield the skin from UV rays and reduce the damage they can cause.

beauty routine cream

Obviously remembering put it at least 15 or 30 minutes before to leave the house or to expose yourself to the sun and reapply it every two hours. And always after every dip in the sea or in the pool, on the whole body.

Shave before exposing yourself to the sun: what a mistake in the beauty routine!

Another mistake that is often made during one’s beauty routine on vacation is to fight hair regrowth at the last moment, shaving in a hurry and immediately afterwards exposing themselves to the sun. Very wrong! In this way, in fact, nothing else is done irritate and stress the skin, causing you more discomfort than good. The skin, in fact, immediately after hair removal (in any way it is done and in any area of ​​the body), is more sensitive, prone to irritation and delicate.

For this reason, doing this immediately before going out to the beach and the pool is the best way to cause redness, small bubbles on the skin and a whole series of annoyances that would prevent you from fully enjoying the day and take care of yourself properly of your skin. Better to do it in the evening, before going to sleep, perhaps also applying immediately afterwards a soothing and refreshing lotion for help the skin to regain its natural balance.

beauty routine hair removal

Do not exfoliate the skin

“If I do the scrub I take off all the tan”. How many times have you heard or said this phrase to each other. Certainly many. Well, that’s not the case, and eliminating the moment of exfoliation from your beauty routine is a very big mistake. The reason? Simple:

  • first of all eliminate dead cells from the skin is essential to allow it to regenerate, to breathe correctly and to always remain smooth and soft;
  • secondly, then, proper and regular exfoliation allows the skin to get rid of toxins, cleanse deeply and better absorb any other treatment or product you apply to it, expanding its effect, be it nourishing, protective, anti-aging, etc.

beauty routine scrub

And for the tan?

If we talk about tanning, then, the scrub helps the skin to maintain the tan longer, stimulating the production of melanin and guaranteeing a beautiful homogeneous and lasting complexion. Exactly the opposite of what you think then!

Forgetting to nourish and protect your hair

And when it comes to beauty routines on vacation, you certainly can’t avoid reminding yourself of a real beauty must, hair. And that, just like the skin, they must be protected and fed. How? In addition toapplication of specific oils and sunscreen (yes it should also be put on the hair), in a correct beauty routine masks cannot be missing, a necessary and totally beneficial treatment for your hair.

hair beauty routine

To be performed at least once a week (but even more when you are on vacation), preferring nourishing and restructuring masks and to be applied after shampooing and conditioner. A good habit to never forget for protect the beauty and health of the hair, shielding them from the damage to which they are subjected during the summer, preserving them.

Correct beauty routine? Never if you don’t hydrate yourself enough

Finally, another thing to pay close attention to and never forget to perform a state of the art beauty routine is hydration. However you can do it. The use of moisturizing creams or lotions for the face and body (obviously diversifying the products according to the area to be treated), cocoa butter or lip balms, moisturizing masks for the hair, etc. But we must never forget the importance of water.

Drink a lot, a lot, at least two liters a day (8-10 glasses) is a fundamental element for our beauty and health. As well as taking care of nutrition. Preferring fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, mineral salts and, of course, water. A step in your beauty routine that starts from within, essential to ensure maximum health and beauty for your body.

hydration beauty routine

As if to say, summer is the best time to have fun and indulge in new experiences. But the beauty routine and your good beauty habits don’t have to never forget them. Indeed, you could take your desire for novelty to integrate it with new and super healthy passages. For a I always look at the top and a beauty routine for true beauty professionals.

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