Beauty Routine on vacation: clever ideas and tricks


In summer, the beauty routine does not have to go on vacation but can be simplified. That’s how.

In vacation keeping up with duties is not always easy, even if they simply concern the beauty routine. The desire to disconnect from everything, however, must not take precedence over good habits to carry on the other months of the year, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences at the end of the summer.

To help you stay on the right path, here are a few simple ones tricks that promise to simplify the beauty routine on vacation without your face, body or hair being affected.

Use travel sizes

If you are planning to leave by plane you know very well how much it can be tedious to fill every single micro bottle of everything you think you might need on holiday, but even if you reach your holiday destination by another means and this operation will not be necessary, it is definitely not recommended to pack everything what is contained in your bathroom cabinet.

The first tip is therefore to to select carefully what to bring and what not, taking into account that with the high summer temperatures many products can be paused until September. Secondly, think about travel sizes as an alternative to traditional formats. Almost all skincare brands today combine standard sizes with petite bottles designed for this purpose, so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding what you’re looking for.

Also, look good in your drawers, we are sure you will find samples of creams or serums still immaculate, they take up little space and can come with you on vacation.


Retrieve the perfume samples

Pack the large version of one fragrance it is uncomfortable and above all potentially dangerous, since the bottles are almost always made of glass. Much better to rely on samples.


Compact hair care rituals

Although in the course of the year it is a lot better to keep separate shampoo e balm and entrust the care of your hair to specific products, to be used on a regular basis, the hair beauty routine on vacation for a short period of time it can be simplified.

So choose 2-in-1 products, which in a single solution combine shampoo and conditioner, so that you only carry one bottle with you and significantly reduce the minutes spent in the shower washing your hair.


Choose a multi-functional oil

Nourishing the skin in the summer is essential, considering that it dries up and dehydrates at the speed of light due to sun exposure and other aggressive agents such as salt, sand or chlorine. The same thing goes for hair, which if left to their fate risk ending up in September to be exhausted and irremediably ruined.

One of the inevitable products in your beauty routine is therefore the oil, strong with an unparalleled nourishing, moisturizing and restructuring power.

In order not to weigh down your suitcase and allow you a super fast daily pampering of well-being, look for an oil suitable for face, body and hair. Also in this case there is plenty of choice since there are many solutions on the market for all budgets. In this way with a single gesture you will solve several problems.

Scrub with what you find in the fridge (or in the breakfast room)

Exfoliating the skin of the face and body in the summer is essential how much in winter.

Removing impurities and dead cells from it, in fact, helps the pores to breathe, decreases the likelihood of skin irritation and improves the quality of the tan, which is not scratched off by this operation. About once a weektherefore, you should remember to make a face and body scrub.

Instead of carrying a specific product with you though, create the right mixture with what surrounds you on vacation. If you are in a home peeks inside the fridge and cupboard, it is very likely that you can find useful ingredients for this purpose.

If you stay in hotelinstead, see you next time Breakfast stock up on what you find and what could be the case for you, such as for example yogurt and brown sugar.

How to dothe

Stir in a large bowl the same amount of plain yogurt and brown sugar, to be preferred to the white one because it is thicker and therefore with a better exfoliating action.

Once you have made a homogeneous mixture, spread it on the skin in circular motions firm but delicate at the same time, then rinse under water.


Combine sunscreen with make-up

If even on vacation don’t give up on make-up, remember that making your complexion perfect is not the only thing you need to worry about. Protecting it from damage from UV rays is a priority and believing that in the presence of foundation or BB cream these cannot attack it is a mistake.

In order not to weigh down the face with too many products, USA so a colored solution for the bottom equipped with a high solar filter. The same thing goes for the lips, if you want to make up them opt for a colored lip balm but at the same time protective.


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