Beauty Routine on vacation: all the essential tips


In summer the beauty routine cannot be abandoned but undoubtedly lightened yes. Here is what you can’t miss and what you can put on the hanger instead.

When you are going to leave for vacation one question over all hangs in the mind: what do i bring? A Hamlet question that can be applied to both the wardrobe and the beauty sector. If looking at your home cabinet used for this segment you are putting your hands in your hair, and at the idea of ​​the endless number of products to bring you are tempted by the opposite, that is to leave everything at home, stop and breathe. The beauty routine on vacation is essential like at any other time of the year but you can reduce it and carry it out with agility and without going crazy.

Here it is some tips for not letting go of good habits, and make a perfect beauty routine even on vacation.

Fill up on travel size

Vacation must be synonymous with lightness, in every sense, both metaphorical as regards the state of mind, and physical in reference to the weight of the luggage. So forget the idea of ​​carrying giant bottles with you but orpta for option B: the travel size.

If you leave by plane this choice is mandatory since as you well know there is a limit to the liquid content to be taken in flight. However, we recommend that you consider this option by whatever means you decide to move.

Almost all brands now offer the travel version of their flagship products, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find what you need in petite format.


Retrieve the samples

Before going to a perfumery or a trusted retailer, however, take a walk in your bathroom or rummage in the pockets of your bags, we bet that hidden in some corner you will find more than one sample abandoned, especially of perfumes? Often forgotten, the holiday is the right time to give them an opportunity to use.


Face beauty routine

There beauty routine which usually requires more patience and the use of a greater number of products is that of face. The good news however is that in the summer some passage irreplaceable in winter, can be skipped.

I never without

The most important step, and that even when it is hot it maintains its centrality, it is there cleansing. To make it choose a gel or foaming product if you have medium or oily skin, while if it tends to dry out, prefer an oily formula or double cleanse, combining oil and foam.

Cleansing should be done both in the morning and in the evening and if you use products that also have a cleansing power, such as oils, it can also be used to remove make-up, which otherwise must be removed previously with an ad hoc product.

Serum yes, cream maybe

After you’ve washed your face it’s time to nourish your skin. Then apply some drop of serum. Perfect for summer, the formulas containing vitamin C.

Another must have, the eye contour. This area of ​​the face is particularly delicate, so in summer it deserves extra attention.

At this point listen to your skin. If you still feel poorly hydrated, proceed with writing one cream, self instead you feel a feeling of comfort, you can avoid this step. In summer the skin produces a greater amount of sebum and being less dry it may not need cream, both at night and during the day.


Sun protection

obviously this speech is not valid absolutely for the sunscreen, which instead should always be spread on the face when you expose yourself to potentially harmful rays. If you don’t want to weigh down your skin, choose one from light texture.


One of Metropolitan legends harder to die for beauty-themed is that exfoliate the skin wash off the tan. Nothing more false.

This process in fact affects the superficial layer of the skin, while the tan acts deeper. Once a week then make an exfoliating mask and your skin will immediately be extra radiant.


Body and hair beauty routine

There body beauty routine, in summer it substantially follows the winter one, and foresees the drafting a good moisturizer or oil after showering and when skin feels too dry. If you want to save space in your suitcase, bring with you only the after sun, perfect for soothing after exposure and hydrating at best.

Also for the body, once a week don’t forget the scrub.

Shiny hair

THE hair in the summer they are often left to their fate but although some derogation in the care is granted, do not leave their survival to chance but protect them from the sun and feed them with a oil that also has a solar filter inside.

Make up yes or no

The answer to the age-old question: “in the summer do I make up or not?” does not exist. It really depends on how you feel: if you want to be flawless even in the sun do it but remember to prefer waterproof products and that allow the skin to transpire.

Inevitableinstead the lip balm, which in addition to nourishing the lips, often has a solar filter inside that protects them from aggression.

In addition to the basic versions there are also colored ones, halfway between lip balm and lipstick. Soft and super glam.

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