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This week Black Friday will be held, so trade in Brazil and around the world is preparing for the big discounts offered on Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States. So we have prepared below a Beauty Guide of holiday offers with beauty product promotions for you to enjoy this season.

Beauty Guide: cHow to find beauty products on sale at the end of the year?

Due to Black Friday, online stores and various websites have already started their discounts this week. Therefore, they are beauty items to be worn all summer, as sunscreens, and also at the holidays, as false eyelashes at Christmas and New Year.

First you can search for the most interesting beauty articles and be aware, as promotions reach over 50%. Therefore, it is important to plan for purchases, as Black Friday also begins the Christmas season, where people are already starting to buy gifts for friends and family. Finally, check out some products that may already be part of your Beauty Guide this holiday!

Beauty Guide for anstriking and devastating look: Lucat Beauty

For Black Friday, the Lucat Beauty has prepared special discounts up to 50%. By the way, throughout the month of November, the specialist brand of false eyelashes, offers discounts of up to 25% on the site Gatíssima. Already in the last week of the month, false eyelashes will have up to 50% off.

Created to enhance the eyes and provide a striking makeup, the Lucat Beauty It is the expert brand of false eyelashes that highlight the look. Perfect to guarantee a professional result, the models Single, 2D and 3D They are produced manually with human hair and, moreover, they give more naturalness and guarantee a unique result.

Beauty Guide
False Eyelashes will have discounts on Black Friday

Guide to Beauty and Good: Athlete Solst

E-commerce Solst athlete, project of Axigram that supports Brazilian athletes by reverting part of the value of sunscreens Solst purchased on the website for the athlete's account, participates in the Black Friday 2019, on November 29, with all branded sunscreens with 20% discount on the site. In short, the project is a partnership with the Brazilian Athletics Confederation (CBAt), and consumers can choose the Solst sunscreen they prefer, add the athlete's code on the payment page and complete the purchase. Automatically, the athlete code will deposit 10% of the amount into the athlete's account.

Beauty Guide
Purchasing Solig Sport from Axigram, part of the amount is donated to Brazilian athletes.

Available on the website, the line of sunscreens Solst has a distinctive formula with high SPF 50 protection, dry touch and soft texture, in everyday and sport versions, the Solst sunscreen has a comfortable formulation that adapts easily to the skin for everyday use, ensuring high lightning protection. ultraviolet. The products are dermatologically tested and have no fragrance or parabens.

Give experiences: Edy Guimarães Aesthetics

The approaching summer and holiday season are good reasons to enhance body and face care. Thinking about it, the Edy Guimarães Aesthetics features special discounts of up to 25% for exclusive treatments throughout the month of December.

In addition to taking care of itself, experiences can also become creative gifts this Christmas. To give friends and family, the clinic also provides a virtual gift card to be sent to the recipient.

To soften fine lines and wrinkles, botulinum toxin is a procedure that yields excellent results that are noticed within two to five days after application. On November 26 and 29 and December 3, the clinic will perform the Face Beauty Day with 20% discounts on cash payment.

The famous exclusive technique of Edy Guimarães Flawless skin will have 20% off on the date. The skin-renewing procedure without aggressive peeling stimulates the elasticity and radiance of the skin.

To help prepare for the summer, the Summer Renovare It is one of the only peels that can be done in the hottest season of the year. The procedure provides uniformity and brightness of the skin and, in December, will have a 25% discount.

Skin Beauty Guide: Mezzo Dermocosmetics

Mezzo Dermocosmetics offers discounts until November 30 on the brand's website. Thus, discounts reach 50% and help boost beauty care this holiday season and prepare the skin for the summer.

O Sun Repair Rejuvenating SPF 30For example, it is perfect for being in need. The body sunscreen developed specifically for the protection, recovery and hydration of the skin. It has triple action against UV rays and infrared radiation.

The product prepares, protects and repairs skin exposed to light. It acts in a functional and intelligent way to restructure from the inside out, promotes intense hydration in a balanced and prolonged way, as well as reinforcing the skin barrier against environmental aggressions. Fast-absorbing, dry-touch formula does not form a sticky, sand-repellent film. It has anti-pollution, anti-aging, lifting effect and protects for 12 hours.

Sun Repair Rejuvenating is a great bet for this year's beauty guide

Developed specifically for acne and oily skin, the Spot Dry Gel Control Reduces acne size and redness efficiently. In addition, the product has fast and drying action in six hours, and its innovative formulation promotes healing action, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. The results are visible in the first application and its use promotes a healthier, brighter and imperfection-free skin.

The product has proven action on anti-aging activity by stimulating collagen production and reducing free radical formation and acne. In addition, it also has unique skin sebum control ingredients with healing properties that regulate oiliness and promote whitening.

Beauty Guide
Drying Gel is indicated for oily skin

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