Beauty Box: what they are and the 5 best


Make-up and everything related to the beauty routine fascinates millions of women (and men), always discovering new products and innovative brands; to satisfy their curiosity, and the love for the beauty topic, for some years now the beauty box, born in the United States, but now widespread also in our country.

If you don’t know what we are talking about, we will briefly explain what they are.

Beauty box: what are they?

We are talking about simple boxes that contain packages, often in mini formats, of the main beauty and cosmetics products: creams, shampoos, make-up. A real “bag of surprises”, like the ones we bought as little girls, except that, instead of toys, inside we find everything we need for a real beauty addicted.

The Beauty Boxes change every month, so as to always reserve news and surprises for those who buy them, while over time, of course, they have evolved also following the trends and fashions in vogue: here is the Vegan Beauty Box, for example, but also dedicated ones to clothing and bijoux.

In addition to these there are also themed boxes, such as those entirely dedicated to products for the lips, or for the eyes.

Beauty box: how do they work?

Generally, in order to purchase the Beauty Box, it is necessary take out a subscription, after which the box, by courier, arrives directly at home, on a monthly basis.

You can also choose the type of payment, between annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly. A longer deferral of payment, of course, means a lower cost of the service. But, even in case of perplexity at the time of purchase, there is always the possibility of buying a single box, of course at a higher price, to become “familiar” with the subject and understand if it is exactly what is right for you.

Some sites also give the opportunity to view in advance the contents of the Beauty Box scheduled for that month, thus allowing buyers to understand whether it is worth ordering or not. It is also often possible to view the contents of the monthly Beauty Box on the reference site, giving buyers the opportunity to decide in advance whether to order it or not.

What do the Beauty Boxes contain?

Beauty Boxes generally contain face, body and hair products, in mini or full size versions, often not yet marketed.

The value of the Beauty Box is much higher than the price with which it is actually sold, as explained by the booklets that accompany it, but the reason is quickly explained: all the products contained within it come from growing brands and unknown seeds, which therefore need advertising. Thus, in exchange for favorable prices, they can be purchased by many more people, promoting their own name.

The 5 best beauty boxes

Among the best Beauty Boxes currently available on the market, we have selected these:

Abiby Beauty Box

Completely Italian, launched in January 2018, Abiby is considered the “best Beauty Box in Italy”. It has a commercial value of over 90 euros, and is sold at 29.90 euros per month, with various subscription options: for example, the cost for 6 months is € 24.90 per month, while in a single payment you pay € 149.40.

You can take a look at the website directly.

Lookfantastic Beauty Box

With 19 euros you will receive a beauty box with different cosmetics, which come from England, at home. You can decide at a later time to subscribe to the annual subscription, saving on the final cost.

All information is available on the website.

Nourish Beauty Box

We are talking about a Beauty Box entirely dedicated to natural cosmetics, which every month offers 4 full size, organic and cruelty free products, with free shipping all over the world. The box has a price of approximately 31 Euros.

Read here for more information.

Lip Monthly

It contains exclusively lip products, and offers 5 full size cosmetics every month, from lipsticks to specific lip treatments, all for around 15 Euros. Only warning: you need to be a little patient to receive the goods at home.

To find out more, click on the official website.

Re-Belle Box

It is not a Beauty Box but it deserves a mention apart from that container of independent projects, all female, within which there are stories that come from all over the world, and of all kinds, from illustrations, to fashion, through beauty, music and home design.

Each product inside this box is created by women, craftswomen that follow their realization step by step. As for the other boxes, there are various subscription methods: you can in fact buy a single box, at a price of 29.90 euros, or receive the box for 3 or 6 months, with different prices. Shipments to Italy are free, while on their e-commerce you can buy hand made products created only for the boxes.

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