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Beautiful makeup for brown skin

Brown skin is one of the most flattering when it comes to makeup, since this skin tone has the advantages of being brighter and imperfections are much less noticeable. So if you are one of those who is lucky to have this tone by nature, Check these tips to make up and get the most out of your brown skin.

As much as this type of skin is much more resistant to the sun, it is very important that you take full care of it with a sunscreen since dark spots can affect the uniformity in the tone of your face and the tan can highlight a greasy tone.

Very ornate makeup will never look good on this type of skin, so take advantage of the benefits that this implies; Remember that less is more! A light makeup with a concealer according to the natural tone of your skin, a mask of eyelashes, a blush and a shade of lips that will shine enough to look radiant during the day.

Olive or brown skin does not need much color on the lips; If you are going out at night or really want to highlight your makeup, opt for a super bright and vibrant color. Consider that for brown skin, the ideal colors are pink, blackberry and blood red.

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