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Justine Albizzati

Have you heard about the three marias skirt? A piece that you have certainly seen, or even used, but never knew the name. It is a skirt made with three divisions, which can be three of the same color or different. Currently, there are many versions and models of this skirt, since it is super comfortable and fits well in any occasion.

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28 photos of three marias skirt to create your next look

The style of skirt three marias has become a trend among the famous and the fashion bloggers. That’s because this piece is great to use in the summer, but it also looks amazing in the winter. So, check out photos to get inspired and think about having one of these too.

1. The Três Marias skirt is a simple piece

Carolina Tognon

2. But full of class

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3. In addition to being very elegant

Luciana Tranchesi

4. It all depends on the combination

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5. Be with a boot for cold days


6. Or a sneaker for casual moments

Laura Devort

7. With happier prints

Mariah Bernardes Maia

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8. Very vivid colors

Thássia Naves

9. Strong and vibrant tones in the look

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10. That jump in the eye and warm the environment

KT Reed

11. You can choose more closed colors

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12. Building a look with earthy tones

Paulina Macuda

13. Monochrome looks are also a hit

Ana Paula Siebert Justus

14. Be light-colored

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15. Be with darker colors

Justine Albizzati

16. Using similar tones is also perfect

Luisa Accorsi

17. In fact, green has a charm

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18. Other styles of this skirt are not left behind

Rochelle Johnson

19. The sparkle gives a different charm

Jenny Walton

20. Skirt three long slits is amazing

Ariane Canôvas

21. And it looks good in any size

Solenita Gouvea

22. Fabric styles vary

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23. Even so, it is possible to enhance the look

Maud Abraham

24. Prints can also change

Layla Monteiro

25. Getting more delicate with the moment


26. Give your three marias skirt a more colorful look

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27. Bet on what suits you best

Solenita Gouvea

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28. The three marias skirt always matches all styles

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With these inspirations you will be able to put together different looks for day to day. The three marias skirt has many advantages, one of which can be combined with both basic and more elegant pieces. That way, your wardrobe is more diverse, without having to spend a lot of money buying various clothes.

How to make three marias skirt

If you loved the style of the three marias skirt, know that you can make this piece yourself at home. So, for you to update your sewing skills, we have separated 3 tutorials on how to make this amazing skirt. Take the opportunity to produce something with your style and create a piece that exudes your personality.

Step by step of a long skirt marias

With measurements and tips on what are the best fabrics for this style of skirt, Ellen Borges channel gives you the complete tutorial for you to make your own piece. So, in just a few steps you will be able to have a three marias skirt to call your own, check it out.

Easy and simple sewing for an amazing piece

Seeking to teach in as much detail as possible and in a simple way, youtuber Fran Misticoni has set up a step by step so that you can sew a three Mayan skirt in peace of mind. Discover how easy it is to create your own pieces and have a wonderful wardrobe.

Make a whole skirt without mold

In this quick video, youtuber Diana Demarchi teaches you how to make the skirt three marias without resorting to any sewing pattern. See how practical it is to make a piece that looks great with basic T-shirts and sneakers, comfort and style walking hand in hand.

The skirt three marias is a piece very stripped, light and that goes well in all styles. If you want to be more basic or more elegant, this piece can leave any incredible look. If you want to join more pieces like this, discover other models of skirts to complement your wardrobe!

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