Beautiful and healthy summer hair


When it comes to summer, even the hair has to be perfect for the Brazilian woman! This is because this is the most important time of the year in Brazil!

The Brazilian women seek both short and long lengths for softness, healthy ends, alignment and as much definition as possible, whether smooth or wavy, curly and curly.

But how do you get to the Brazilian summer with your hair prepared for sun, pool and sea exposure?

Just like our body, hair health also needs time and care to be restored. Ideally, it is nourished and hydrated to maintain its good texture and beauty until the end of the season, so the capillary schedule is indispensable.

Check out some lifeguards that will ensure hair perfection all summer long.

Moisturizes & Recovers

The mask Repair mask, from Marco Antonio de Biaggi's MAB line, provides recovery and hydration. It is suitable for wires with small and medium hair damage. For example, hair that has been exposed to thermal, chemical and pollution-related damage and UVA and UVB rays.

It has in the composition coconut oil, which confers hydration. Almond Oil to soften the strands. In addition to the active Hydrasil®with hydro-balancing action. The suggested price for packaging 300g is $ 108.

Nourishes and moisturizes

Part of the classic Phytoervas summer line a Sun, Sea and Pool Mask It plays the role of nourishment for the threads. Helps in hair recovery and results in silky, hydrated hair.

The line brings nature's assets in their purest form without any chemical addition, preserving their essential nutrients and enhancing their effects. The suggested price is $ 16.


The last step for a complete schedule can be done from the Kerashape Reconstruct gives Goldwell. The product actively interacts with the strand structure, nourishing and rebuilding damaged and stressed hair with superior ingredients.

The line is developed with Keratransform Technology (KT3), which unites the power of Keratin, for the structural support of the wires, with the Hyaloveil ™, which nourishes and rebuilds the strands from the inside out while softening the fiber's exterior, leaving it healthy and shiny.

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