Beach Waves – how to do it at home?


The look known as “Beach waves” is the biggest request for the summer for some consecutive years! The trend inspired by the hair of the Sufi Californians and of sensual touch appeared along with the hair texturizers, the Sea Salts, in the spray format and even in powder.

Since then, the finishing style has never left the women's head! And it gained new forms of realization, through babyliss and dry shampoo, for example. Always seeking more practicality and generating less and less damage to the locks.

How to conquer Beach Waves to parade through the city streets?

The latest trend is to use Dry Shampoo to texture the hair and create a sexy and modern look! With this spray you can get the wires to be fixed but still malleable, giving that “messy” look.

The tip is: with the ends of your hair moist, almost dry – you can use a spray of water for this – mash all the hair. That way it will gain volume and undulation. Afterwards apply Dry Shampoo to all hair, focusing on the front locks.

Use it to mess up the root and give structure so that the texture is perfect. Knead the hair again and also loosen some strands. The result? Like you're leaving the beach.

Which Dry Shampoo to use?

See our tips of the best Dry Shampoo for the perfect Beach Waves!

MAB Go Style Dry Shampoo Spray

MAB Go Style Dry Shampoo Spray: dry shampoo of the haircare brand of hairdresser Marco Antonio de Biaggi. It absorbs excess oil from the hair and scalp instantly providing a pleasant sensation of freshness and cleanliness. Its formula, free of aluminum, leaves no whitish residue and has moisturizing and conditioning actives that help to give volume and leave hair loose, hydrated and shiny. The suggested retail price is R $ 69

Phytoervas Ginger Dry Shampoo:

Phytoervas Ginger Dry Shampoo: made with natural ingredients such as ginger, sage, mint and rosemary, which gently cleanse the scalp, helping to control the oiliness of the threads and make them lighter and looser. For hair with excessive oiliness, as it controls the sebum of the strands, eliminates odors and leaves no visible residue. Without sulfate, without dyes, without parabens and with the exclusive Phytocomplex, a complex formed by whole grains of flax, wheat and quinoa, which nourishes and restores the hair, acting against the aging of the hair.

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