Bamboo massage, how to do it and the benefits


There are different techniques for performing massages: one of these, born in Asia but which is becoming increasingly widespread in the West, is the bamboo massage.

It is a draining massage performed with bamboo sticks, which helps to drain excess fluids from the body, tones the muscles and relieves contractures, as well as counteracting cellulite.

Bamboo massage: how is it done?

Bamboo massageSource: Pixabay

Even in the absence of particular health needs, this type of massage is often performed after a physical activity, for those who exercise regularly, perhaps even at a competitive level. The person receiving the massage lies down on the ground or on a bed: the masseur beats two bamboo sticks together and makes them slide a few centimeters from the entire body, in order to perform a energy rebalancing, and then pass the rods, with different types of pressure, on the interested parts.

Naturally, during this practice, it is placed on the body of thebamboo oil, which among other things has a lymphatic drainage effect (hence its work against cellulite).

The benefits of bamboo massage

Let’s start by saying something important: this type of massage is not recommended if you are pregnant or suffer from varicose veins. For the rest, the bamboo massage has numerous benefits, including:

  • reactivate theelasticity body tissues, since bamboo is rich in substances such as silicon, potassium, betaine and choline;
  • counter, as mentioned, the cellulite, thanks to the fact that this type of massage allows the drainage of excess fluids and with them also the toxins go away and the circulation, both blood and lymphatic, is reactivated;
  • relax body and mind, because with this massage you stimulate the neuromuscular plaques.

Bamboo massage at home

Bamboo massageSource: Pixabay

Obviously, to carry out the bamboo message on your own you need a series of objects and instructions, especially if you are a novice. It would still be good to ask a first professional if what you are going to do, if done in the wrong way, cannot be harmful to your health.

However there are some products for sale on Amazon which can come in handy.

A book on bamboo massage

To take the first steps in this technique, it is good to inform yourself by purchasing and reading more volumes on the subject. Of course it will give you a smattering of theoretical line, but it is still useful to enter the philosophy that is at the base of the massage. Often, when we talk about oriental disciplines, in particular those related to wellness and health, we approach it in a superficial and “western” way, so a volume can only provide you with an immersive approach on bamboo massage.

The Bamboo Massage by Elena Antoniotti and Andrea MionThe Bamboo Massage by Elena Antoniotti and Andrea Mion

This is a fundamental volume for approaching bamboo massage, because it explains how to take the first steps in this beneficial oriental technique.

€ 11 on Amazon

Bamboo sticks

THE bamboo sticks they can be purchased individually, however this type of product is recommended only for those who are already familiar with the subject.

Bamboo for massageBamboo for massage

These are bamboo sticks suitable for bamboo massage: however they cannot be used by beginners, but at least by people who have studied the technique although not necessarily at a professional level.

€ 16 on Amazon


  • Best quality
  • Resistant
  • Convenient to use


  • Not cheap
  • Little worked
  • It must be treated before use

Bamboo massage kit

Also in this case, it is good that to handle these tools is an expert, however it is still a starting point to begin to acquire experience, albeit amateur, on the field.

Bambuterapia KitBambuterapia Kit

It is a whole kit of 6 pieces with which you can carry out bamboo massage and bamboo therapy at home: it cannot be used by a beginner, however, it is better to ask for help from a professional for the first few times.

69 € on Amazon

Bamboo massage: prices and where to do it

The bamboo massage can be performed both in beauty centers specialized, both in some spa dedicated: just check if it is present among the services offered by the individual structure, through websites, social pages or by calling the spa or center where you want to go.

The price can fluctuate between 30 and 80 euros: it largely depends on the duration and on any “accessories” (ie different services but which can be combined with this type of massage because they are extremely relaxing and revitalizing at the same time).

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