Baby hair: how to manage and enhance them


They are called “baby hair “, or dwarf hair, and represent the hairs visible at the hairline, which often annoy, because they are difficult to manage.

In fact, it is a feature that can also be trendy, considering that baby hair is normal and common, they do not represent a health problem, and indeed several stars show them off on the red carpet. In fact, even dwarf hair can be styled, if you follow some tips.

Let’s see what they are and how to learn how to comb them in the best way.

What are “baby hair”?

With baby hair we mean the hair short, usually do not exceed 1-2 cm in length, and not very thick, that grow at the hairline in some people. They are especially noticeable at the junction of the forehead, ears and neck, and represent the former growth phase new hair.

The more or less visible and thick presence of baby hair depends especially on the color and thickness of the hair. Medically, they don’t necessarily represent a problem, sometimes they demonstrate normal hair growth, while other times they can have causes that you should look out for.

In any case, however, it is good not to resort to drastic methods to eliminate them, also because they do not exist solutions permanent, and you risk worsening the situation. Situation that in itself should not annoy or look ugly, but on the contrary, baby hair is able to give a jaunty and younger look.

At the same time, they can be easily adapted to the chosen hairstyle, with the more natural and less invasive use of hairstyle.

Baby hair: the causes of their growth

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The dwarf hair that surrounds the face is even more visible if you make a high ponytail, it is more present in some people, while there are those who do not have it at all. Baby hair grows mainly for reasons that give life to a shorter regrowth, which cannot reach the length and strength of the rest of the canopy. This regrowth is due to several factors, including also genetic causes. In some people, growths of this type occur cyclically, and then restart with the normal phases.

Even from the point of view of the visibility or otherwise of the baby hair, clearly who has the darker hair hair is more likely to be noticed than those with blond or light hair. Other factors are due for example to the pregnancy, in fact, it can happen in this period to lose more hair than normal, consequently at the end the hair grows back without following the normal growth phase.

The stress moreover it can have a great influence, both as regards hair loss and regrowth in a less strong way, the cause of baby hair. Stress can come from too tight tails, but also from aggressive treatments and products, too high water temperatures during the wash, harmful chemical components. All of these weaken the hair, causing a baby hair phase. In all these cases, however, the presence of dwarf hair is usually temporary, unlike those who have always had them.

5 ways to manage baby hair

Baby hair is therefore not a health disorder, and does not necessarily have to be a problem to be solved. If in the past years fashion often required sharper cuts, ultra-smooth hair and defined hairlines, today it is possible enhance baby hair thanks to the many trendy look. In fact, with wavy and soft hairstyles this particular goes very well, giving an even younger and saucy look.

Between celebrities in fact there are those who have learned to style their dwarf hair at best, giving inspiration. But there are also those who have tried to eliminate them, through the technique of laser. In fact, any other depilatory method is absolutely not recommended because the skin of the face is very delicate and irritation may arise. Furthermore, the regrowth would be more bristly and annoying every time, compared to normal soft and fine baby hair.

Even those who have performed the laser and today sport a hairline without a hair out of place, still say they are dissatisfied and consider this treatment superfluous and unnecessary. Let’s see 5 ways to manage and enhance baby hair. An absolutely normal condition that can give a particular and very trendy look.

1. Gel

A quick and easy way to make baby hair disappear for a few hours is to use the gel for hair. This product tends to give a well-defined shape to the hair, as opposed to other lighter products. Therefore it is ideal when doing a high ponytail, or in any case a hairstyle with the hair backwards. Just apply a few drops of gel on a comb small and comb the baby hair backwards, so that it adheres to the other hair and remains in the desired position.

2. Use hairspray

A similar, but more versatile alternative is the combined use of hairspray and toothbrush: the hairspray, once sprayed, allows you to move your hair to give it the most suitable pose. Thanks to the toothbrush and its small and less dispersive bristles, the baby hair can be combed downwards, to the side or backwards, depending on the result you want to obtain.

3. Enhance them on the forehead

One way to style baby hair instead of hiding it between their longer siblings is to use the hair wax for accommodate the capellini on the hairline of the forehead. It is a trendy style, also adopted by celebrities, which gives a slightly retro look. In fact, thanks to the wax you can give your hair the preferred shape, leaving it smooth and straight, curled, or with a flattened wave.

4. The right cut

Today there are cuts that go perfectly with baby hair, giving them the dignity they deserve. Among these we find above all the wavy and cheeky hairstyles. The short and choppy bob, but also the pixie cut, make room for small hairs that don’t stay in place. Those who just don’t want to see them can opt for one instead fringe or side tuft. Both looks are perfect for blending short hair with the rest of the hair.

5. The ideal hairstyle

Also adopt the hairstyle best allows you to better manage baby hair. For example, hairstyles are very popular today soft, like braids, tails or chignon, which let locks and tufts escape from the elastic. With one of these hairstyles, baby hair almost goes unnoticed. Because they escape the ligament and are free to show off without applying any product.

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