Baby Boomer nail art: what it is, methods and techniques

Baby boomer: la nail art delicata di grande tendenza

Against all expectations and trends, the delicate nail art of the baby boomer is reaching great goals. Despite the constant tendency to exaggerate we are used to in the field of nail decoration, for once it seems that the famous saying “less is more” by the innovative Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe is getting the better of it.

An iconic phrase that raised simplicity for a long time and now fits perfectly for this new nail art trend. Nothing animalier, no fluorescent colors, this manicure requires nothing more than milky white and nude. Someone defines it as the manicure of brides, who choose it for its elegant simplicity; but it’s not just women in white who adopt her, she likes it women of all ages, from the youngest to the most mature and not necessarily beauty addicted.

Let’s find out together below what is and how the baby boomer nail art is made.

Baby boomers: what is it?

A nail art composed of simplicity, elegance and delicacy. A slight nuance that starting from the milky white of the tip runs along the entire nail up to the nude of the attachment. You can choose between milky white, chalk or cream for the top; nude, pink or milky transparent for the lower part. The important thing is that the final effect is not too “rigid”, that is, that the two colors blend together perfectly and no clear dividing lines are noticed.

Baby boomers: methods and techniques

True baby boomer nail art requires therounded effect in the center of the nail, so the ideal is to make it with the gel reconstruction or with semi-permanent nail polishes. In case you choose to use one of these two techniques:

  1. first you need to spread a gel base all over the nail;
  2. once the first layer has been catalyzed in the lamp it is time to apply the white color only on the tip, occupying a quarter of the nail (about the same amount that would be used to make the classic French).
  3. using a flat bristle brush spread the white nail polish horizontally and with small touches bringing it towards the nail attachment. The amount of enamel must be blended, i.e. the white part must decrease towards the attachment. Don’t be afraid to drag the blank, this step can be done multiple times if needed.
  4. when the nuance has taken the right intensity, apply nude or pink or milky gel over the entire nail, covering the white part as well: in this way you will obtain the “delicate” effect typical of the baby boomer.

To achieve the same result with the traditional enamel, there are two alternatives and both require the help of one latex sponge. In the first case:

  1. before starting the nail art it is a good idea to apply some cream around the nail, so you can quickly and easily remove the nail polish that will (surely) cover the skin.
  2. prepare the nail with a layer of base transparent;
  3. the enamel is spread directly on the sponge: two lines, one above the other, one white and one pink;
  4. the sponge rich in enamel is then dabbed several times on the nail, until the color becomes intense and compact. This is the classic method used to make shades between two or more colors;
  5. when finished, seal the nail art with a top coat matte or glossy, depending on your tastes.

The second method to make the baby boomer with traditional enamels and the sponge provides that the colors are spread directly on the nail and that the sponge is used to blend and blend the two colors. In this way the tonal change will be less noticeable. The use of the sponge is certainly more recommended than the use of the classic brush, which has the most marked strokes and would make the nuance less delicate.

Unlike gel reconstruction and semi-permanent nail polish, traditional nail polish does not allow the creation of the typical camber of the baby boomer. However, if the nuance is well worked, an excellent result can also be obtained with the classic glazes.

In the gallery you will find some possible variants of the baby boomer. There are simple and original nail art and others modified and contaminated; to you the choice.

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