B-side high and firm, to have it there are fillers, non-invasive treatments for all needs


The latest fashion in aesthetics comes from Brazil and, guess what, it has to do with the B side. Women who want it hard and tall no longer have to resort to surgery but can get it non-invasively and without too much effort. If the angels of Victoria’s Secret are your role model, then you will have to try the cream that has a sexy name that is all a program. It is called “Brazilian Bum Bum Cream” and, we tell you right away, it is not only used on the butt but in every part of the body that needs to be plumped. This cream has crazy powers: it makes the skin soft, hydrated and, as we said above, plumped up. But cream isn’t the only secret to an atomic b-side. For that there are fillers. Like those that are done on the face but which are specific for the buttocks. As stated in Vanity Fair, in the USA, in particular, injection treatments are on the rise in areas of the body that you would never have said. This was revealed in the 2016 report of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. And here is that the stars use these fillers to have a statuesque side b. “The hyaluronic acid-based fillers that are used are specific for the body and require retouching after one year,” said Dr. Michela Galimberti, physician and cosmetic surgeon and medical director of Iclid Milano. Read on after the photo

“They give roundness to the buttocks and lift them with a Brazilian effect. They certainly work better if the starting point is good, in fact the buttock is a very heavy muscle that tends to fall, if it is not stressed with physical activity it is difficult for a single treatment to have the power to make it stand up. This is why fillers are effective only if they are complementary to toning exercises in the gym ”. So the filler remedy is fine, but let’s not forget to hit the gym. B-side fillers are now very popular: in the Anglo-Saxon world they call it Non-Surgical Butt Lift. In practice, a facelift without surgery that stimulates collagen production and gives volume. One of these is called Sculptra. “It is a biostimulant that remains under the skin and stimulates the fibroblasts to produce new collagen – explains Galimberti to vanity Fair – it has a filling, regenerating effect and is particularly suitable for areas where there is skin laxity. The only side effect of polylactic acid is that it can form fibrotic nodules under the skin if it is not massaged very well, therefore, after the injection, patients must also be very compliant in massaging the area morning and evening to have excellent results ” . Read on after the photos

Ultrasound is also a valid alternative. “The HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) ultrasounds allow to act at different depths with different purposes – added Dr. Galimberti – at 9 and 13 mm they are effective in the non-surgical reduction of the adipose panniculus, while at 4.5 mm of depth they produce a series of thermal denaturation points of the muscle with a lifting effect, at 3 mm they induce a regeneration of collagen fibers with a firming and plumping effect, finally if you act superficially, at 1.5 mm, you go to act on superficial wrinkles “. Well, the alternatives are many. You just have to choose the one that suits you best.

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