Autumn / winter 2020/2021 bags: models and trends


Vintage inspirations, reinterpretation of iconic and new entry models. This year, among the autumn / winter 2020/2021 bags you will be spoiled for choice. Many models alternated on the catwalk, from evergreens to new versions of shoulder bags, handbags, crossbody bags and, finally, the most precious clutches and clutches.

Trends point to exaggerated versions where maxi and XXL volumes they will conquer the scene. On the other hand, a minimal and silent taste is preferred, where the dominant colors are neutral and natural shades or those more in line with the cold season.

Bags fall / winter 2020/2021: 5 trends from the catwalks

bags fall / winter 2020/20215 trends straight from the catwalks. Source: pinterest

  1. Hobo bag. All the spotlights are and will be on her: a bag with soft lines, to show off on the shoulder or by hand which is very reminiscent of the “vagabond’s bundle”, from which it adopted its name.
    Roomy and absolutely versatile, for this season they are offered in casual chic mood, where a bright and lively color palette dominates, while the textures and materials with which they are made alternate creating an elegant yet refined balance, just like the powder blue model signed by Gucci.
  2. Crescent moon. The love for this model is destined to never fade. The crescent bag is beloved, perhaps even thanks to its boho charm and details that every year make it always unique and to have. This year the details are the most varied: we start from the soft and long feathers to get to the studs, and then move on to particular weaves, gold or silver chains and of course the massive buckle with logo that can never be missing.
    For those who love minimal versions with clean lines, Burberry offers a half-moon model with a zipper on the front.
  3. Knit bag. It’s knitting craze! Trend protagonist for some time: knitted bags are very popular, and although they may (only apparently) seem like a typical summer accessory, they are so sought after and worn that they also appear among the autumn / winter 2020/2021 bags.
    On the catwalks, the designers proposed them in many different variations, but the unmistakable interlacing game is what always leaves you speechless. This year the trend covers both the clutches and the larger versions, like the one seen on the Bottega Veneta catwalk.
  4. Bucket. Always classy and beloved. The bucket bag is reconfirmed as trendy accessory for next year too. The new versions are offered in mini models and in neutral shades of white, beige and black, alongside the most lively timeless patterns, such as check and python print.
    Loewe focuses on the color block, where the muddy shade of green alternates with that of intense black.
  5. Bottle bag, the bottle bag. We had already talked about it among the 8 trends to keep an eye on for the opening of next season.
    Respect for the environment has become an indispensable focus for many fashion houses so much so that this year, to encourage more and more people to respect our planet and opt for more sustainable choices, they presented the bottle bag, an all-fashion version of the bottle cage.

XX (X) L bags: maxi volumes dominate the shoulder

bags fall / winter 2020/2021 Bags with maxi volumes, XXXL. Source: pinterest; asos

This fall / winter is inspired by the inseparable “Mary Poppins” bag that contains everything, and will focus the spotlight on maxi volumes. Ideal for dynamic women who appeal to “always better to have it than to forget it”, among the it-bags of the season we have seen many oversized models: shoulder bags have extra and exaggerated dimensions, are soft and come in every shade.

The model to be inspired by is that of Bottega Veneta, with a quilted effect and declined in a passionate red. For those who want to focus on particular prints and details, Accessorize proposes a green maxi bag with cream-colored print in detail, to which it also adds a practical and always useful shoulder strap.

In his new autumn / winter catalog ASOS Design instead makes some models of XXXL bags focusing on form and lines. Made of leather, the design of the bag is flared and is available in two colors: brown, with contrasting handles, and the more classic black version.

Handbags, always very elegant

bags fall / winter 2020/2021Handbags this year have a single handle. Source: pinterest

They have a retro allure and are strictly proposed in their bon ton version. The handbag is always the perfect ally to show off at any time of the day thanks to its versatility and its timeless elegance.

The maison this year have proposed the more angular versions, like that of Fendi, or softer and more compact, like the one proposed by Salvatore Ferragamo. Among the autumn / winter 2020/2021 bags, the new hand models have a single handle and include some internal compartments embellished with golden details.

Handbag Chicca Bags

Handbag Chicca Bags

Available in 16 different colors, the handbag by Chicca Bags is a 100% made in Italy product. Practical and comfortable, you can show it off either by hand or over the shoulder, thanks to the practical handles that are longer than the standard sizes. The shoulder strap is removable, and this will allow you to wear it combined with all your outfits, both during the day and in the evening.

€ 47 on Amazon


  • Available in 16 different colors
  • Two internal compartments separated by a small central pocket with zip
  • It is equipped with a removable shoulder strap


  • Pay attention to the volume: this bag is maxi and could be heavy due to its shape

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Belt bag, the pouch

bags fall / winter 2020/2021Belt bag, the must-have accessory of the year: the pouch. Source: pinterest; asos

As soon as it reappeared on the catwalks there was some hesitation, even in wearing it. But, season after season, the brilliant visions and proposals of the designers have won many hearts, transforming the pouch from an accessory at the edges into an indispensable and irreplaceable piece in every look, both day and night.

For the autumn / winter 2020 season it is proposed in one new, revisited and hyper sophisticated version: minimal models dominate, like the one seen on the Dolce & Gabbana catwalk, both in lines and colors that always aim at the more sober and elegant shades.

Among the belt bag models proposed by ASOS Design, this year there is a decisive split. On one side the more sober and minimal models, like the flat one in black leather and adjustable strap, to which more brazen and experimental models alternate, like the western-inspired model covered with studs and rhinestones.

Wind Took mini belt bag

Wind Took mini belt bag

An inseparable accessory

If you are looking for a fashion pouch that will accompany you during your days, the models proposed by Wind Took are perfect. Available in 7 different colors, you can adjust the waist belt, and the two pockets are zipped. Perfect to show off combined with an oversized blazer or a wide dress, to give a more sporty touch.

€ 16 on Amazon


  • Available in 7 different colors
  • Made of high quality fabric, nylon, which makes it waterproof
  • The two zippers contain two very roomy pockets


  • Attention to the size: this pouch is proposed in the mini version

Clutches and clutches: this year they will be very small

bags fall / winter 2020/2021The clutches and clutch bags among the autumn / winter 2020/2021 bags. Source: pinterest; asos

If the shoulder bags are offered in the XXXL version, the jewels to show off on the wrist or by hand will be the opposite, so in the XS version. They are so small that both mini and micro bags can also be flaunted in the palm of your hand, just like the one spotted on the Giorgio Armani catwalk, but they are a real concentrate of style.

You can show them off on the wrist, interlacing the chain on the arm, over the shoulder, or around the neck: yes, because the big news of 2020 is to show off the bag by placing the shoulder strap behind the neck.

As for the more classic and popular clutch bags, however, the proposed models are very soft and to be placed on the side, like the oversized model in the total white shade of ASOS Design, or more angular but absolutely fashion, like the rectangular model proposed by South Beach exclusively for ASOS.

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