Autumn outfit: how to dress? 12 looks to get inspired


Every occasion has its own look: soft fabrics and brighter shades are suitable for a ceremony or a special occasion, while neutral shades and rigid fits are more suitable for a working or very formal environment. Each season has its colors and its evergreen garments and autumn, with its warm, enveloping and amber shades is no exception.

The autumn 2020 outfits are inspired by the earthy and soft colors of this season, where the protagonists are the combinations of different materials.

Office life: outfits for the office

autumn 2020 outfitsOffice outfits for autumn 2020, the looks to be inspired. Source: pinterest

The office outfit can be more formal and sober or casual chic. The masculine cut suit is an indispensable must have, and each season has its favorite model. To contrast the first volumes of the outerwear, the one for autumn is lean, has the shoulder straps clearly visible, the cigarette trousers and blazer with a single central button. Instead of wearing the classic white shirt, you can combine a body in a contrasting color, like the brown one from the new Stradivarius collection.

The monochromatic look is always the right choice: to build it you just need to combine garments of the same shade, or as you can have fun playing with the contrasts of the various shades. All you have to do is put it on a midi skirt or palazzo trousers, a turtleneck and a soft camel coat, without belt or buttons. Finally, to top it all off, wear a pair of flat, comfortable shoes, like the ASOS Design ‘Maltby’ pointed toe loafers.

This summer you fell in love with a skirt, bought it and now you can’t part with it? Wear it with a belt at the waist, a sweater inside and a contrasting oversized blazer. Then play down your autumn 2020 outfit with a pair of ankle boots or the most classic amphibians and that’s it!

The bag, on the other hand, must be roomy, practical and absolutely versatile.

Office bag set 3 pieces Miss Lulu

Office bag set 3 pieces Miss Lulu

Perfect to complete the office outfit, the 3-piece set by Miss Lulu is the perfect solution for those who want to always have everything they need close at hand. The set is available in 6 different colors and consists of a larger, capacious bag, equipped with long handles and a removable shoulder strap. The other two handbags, on the other hand, are smaller but absolutely functional: a clutch bag and an even smaller one, perfect as a card holder or wallet.

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  • Available in 6 different colors
  • Made of eco-leather with contrasting golden metal details
  • The set consists of 3 pieces; a large and capacious bag with shoulder strap, a clutch bag to show off by hand and finally a smaller handbag


  • The shoulder bag is roomy but not enough to hold a PC: it is however the ideal size to carry iPad or tablet

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School life: outfits for school or university

autumn 2020 outfitsOutfit for back to college or school. Source: pinterest

Practicality and comfort are the keywords when building a look to wear to college or school. The garments that make up these outfits must be comfortable and in neutral tones, easy to combine.

On an autumn day, all four seasons can occur: in the early morning it is cold, in the late morning the sun is warm, in the early afternoon its rays warm up, while in the evening the cold returns. So, to better face the day it is good to dress in layers, or “onion”.

Inevitable jeans, in all its nuances: from the lightest to the darkest wash, from the driest to the softest cut. The combinations that can be done starting from denim are truly infinite, all you have to do is opt for the look you feel most comfortable with! A t-shirt, solid color or with a print will be the first layer, then you can proceed adding a light cardigan or a loose and loose blazer and, finally, do not forget a windbreaker, leather or a duster to protect you from the wind.

To give a little color to your look, you can opt for a colored raincoat, like the orange one with hood and high collar proposed by Rains. Among the autumn 2020 outfits, the tracksuits are experiencing their moment of maximum splendor. Forget the classic sports outfit, in fluorescent and unlikely colors: the suit, today, is chic, versatile and trendy.

With total white you can never go wrong: the trousers must be wide and soft, like the joggers model with elasticated bottom proposed by ASOS Design, while for the sweatshirt it is better to opt for a hooded model, like “Clara”, proposed by Brave Soul.

Finally, to complete this look, just play with contrasts. Wear your favorite white sneakers on your feet, while above opt for the trench coat or an unlined coat in the XXL version.

Out-of-office: look for an aperitif or dinner

autumn 2020 outfitsOutfits to be inspired by for an aperitif or to show off in your free time. Source: pinterest

Have you been invited to an after-work aperitif and don’t have time to go home to change? Just make a small change of accessories and that’s it! Bags for work are usually very large and spacious: on the inside leave a small clutch bag or a small shoulder bag that goes well with your outfit. Inside it store a ring, a bracelet, a necklace or a pair of earrings that you can easily replace once you leave your workplace.

If the aperitif is casual and the environment is informal you can opt for a monochromatic or coordinated look: among the autumn 2020 outfits, the checked jacket is an indispensable must-have, like the one in shades of brown and cream proposed by Hollister. To complete everything, just wear a turtleneck sweater or shirt, a pair of trousers or jeans with a wide bottom and a pair of very comfortable ankle boots on your feet.

With total black you are never wrong: perfect for an aperitif outfit is the combination of the knee-length skirt, crewneck sweater and leather details of the accessories. Shiny combat boots, to give a chic touch, a leather jacket (better if oversize) to contrast the romantic mood of the skirt and finally a shoulder bag to give movement to the ensemble.

The slip dress was an absolute must have this summer and, by adopting a few small tricks, you can wear it even during the first warm autumn days. Under the dress, wear a light sweater or a sweater with long sleeves, then put on your dress and put a belt at the waist, to emphasize and enhance your figure.

You can also opt for the opposite combination: put on the dress and drop a sweater or blazer over it, belt at the waist and that’s it!

Romantic and sophisticated, the outfits for ceremonies

autumn 2020 outfitsLook to be inspired by for a ceremony or special occasion. Source: pinterest

Fall 2020 ceremonial outfits love color and original patterns, combined with different materials and sophisticated accessories to complete the look. Ideal for a baptism or a confirmation is the combination of leather trousers, preferably high-waisted, and a soft blouse to slip inside the trousers. If instead the atmosphere is more informal like a graduation party or an anniversary celebration, you can wear a printed dress and play on the elegant-sporty contrast completing the outfit with a pair of shiny boots.

Fall this year loves animal prints as much as floral, like the one that dresses up the long dress with puff sleeves by ASOS Design. If you have been invited to a wedding or the ceremony requires a very elegant outfit, focus on the coordinated suit, preferably colored, to which you will go to match a pair of high-heeled shoes or kitten heels.

Pointed toe shoes with heel and ankle strap Liuruijia

Pointed toe shoes with heel and ankle strap Liuruijia

Perfect for both day and evening: Liuruijia heeled shoes will complete all your daytime looks. Available in 13 different colors, among these the brand offers some original patterns, such as the leopard print or the glitter detail. Perfect to combine with a suit with a masculine cut, they are easy to wear even under a more romantic dress.

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  • Available in 13 different colors, patterns and fabric: the models range from suede to glitter and imitation leather
  • The heel with a wide, practical and comfortable bottom is 8 centimeters high


  • Carefully consult the size chart before proceeding with the purchase: an extra number is recommended

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