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Arricciacapelli automatico: che vantaggi offre e i migliori sul mercato

Too lazy for i curlers? Too inexperienced for a curling iron? The ideal solution, the right compromise, could be theautomatic curling iron. It gives a perfect result in a short time and without effort, as if an expert hairdresser was putting your hands in your hair.

In recent years, after a long hegemony of smooth hair and straightening plates, rebellious hair is back in fashion. Soft waves, wide curls, tight curls and in afro style: the possibilities are many. An automatic curling iron allows you to style your hair according to all these different styles, changing them from time to time depending on the mood and the occasion. And it is much easier and faster to use than the curlers our mothers slept with or manual curling irons, similar to instruments of torture!

The automatic curling iron is definitely ideal for those who have medium-long hair and wants a more or less wavy and wavy effect only on the lengths. Sui short hair the good old manual curling iron is more suitable: it is more manageable and allows you to work even on small locks, up to the root.

Automatic curling iron: how to use it?

L’automatic curling iron it is used on clean, perfectly dried and well combed hair. Usually the models on the market have more temperatures to choose from and different final effects. Temperatures above 200 degrees are suitable for long-lasting hairstyles. However, they are not recommended for those with thin and brittle hair, which tends to break. Furthermore, in order to have very defined and wide curls, a low temperature is usually recommended, while a high temperature gives a more natural effect. The basic technology of the tool is a cylinder around which to wrap the lock: this is automatically modeled and curled. The shutter speed varies according to the desired effect: a few seconds for soft curls, 8-10 seconds for wider curls, 12 seconds or more for tight and defined afro-style curls.

Once you have used the tool all over the hair, move the locks with your hands, so as to give a more natural effect possible. We recommend using one heat protective spray and one volumizing foam. Vaporizing the lacquer fixing, at the end, allows a longer duration of the effect.

Automatic curling iron: the benefits

The greater expense certainly corresponds to a considerable saving of time and sessions at the hairdresser. A good automatic curling iron it halves the time and is extremely easy to use, comfortably at home, for a style with a professional effect.

No danger of burning your fingers and no risk of damaging your hair. The automatic curling iron protects them, avoiding stressing them. Most of the models also have ceramic coatings and ion technology that make the hair more shiny. It is also an extremely easy to use and very fast tool.

Automatic curling iron: the best

Hereinafter i best products currently on the market. The price goes up compared to manual curling irons. It varies between 50 and 90 euros, depending on the performance, any extra accessories, the model, the materials. Some models have a cylinder where you can insert the lock, others instead have a self-rotating support at the base and a shape that resembles that of the manual curling iron (rotating curling iron).

BaByliss C1300E Curl Secret Ionic 2

automatic curling ironSource: Unieuro

High price but excellent performance for this product. Different types of looks can be created thanks to three different temperatures, four shutter speeds and two different cylinders: 25 and 35 millimeters in diameter. In an easy and easy way you can choose between soft and natural waves, wide and elegant curls or tight and well-defined curls. It has patented AutoCurl technology, ceramic coating and Ionic function that makes the hair brighter.
Available on Amazon for € 89.99.

Rowenta CF3710 So Curls

automatic curling ironSource: Amazon

This automatic curling iron features three temperature settings, ceramic coating and alternating rotation, for a more natural result. The lock is automatically wrapped around the heated barrel. Thanks to the different combinations of temperature and timing you can opt for many different styling, from the wave to the curl to the hedgehog. All this, ensuring maximum protection of the hair.
Available on Amazon for € 59.99.

IFanze Automatic Curler

automatic curling ironSource: iStock

Easy to use and silent, this automatic curling iron creates perfect curls in seconds and without any effort. The lock is wrapped in a nano titanium ceramic chamber, where it is timed and heated until the desired curl is obtained. It features three timer settings, to achieve different curl effects and three different heat settings, up to 230 ℃.
Available on Amazon for € 50.95.

Imetec BHS3 100 Curling wand

automatic curling ironSource: iStock

Example of a rotating curling iron which allows you to obtain different types of curls according to your preferences. The automatic rotation system gently wraps the lock, heating and shaping it in a few moments: just insert the lock, press a button and at the acoustic signal remove the cylinder. The Quick Heating System makes it ready for use in a few moments, while the Thermo Control allows you to adjust the temperature between 190 ° C and 220 ° C.
Available on Amazon at € 54.62.

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